This book contains adult situations, sexual situations, and emotional abuse. I would advise you not to read it unless you are over the age of 18.

I’m a pawn, a piece of chattel, a toy–used and forgotten.

When you’re done with me, you can walk away with no regrets. That’s how my husband sees me. I try to be the best wife possible for him. After all, he took me on when no one else would. Now–he’s in debt and owes more money to the loan shark than we can possibly repay.

But, don’t worry, he’s come up with a solution, it’s just not one I was expecting.

…I’ve been TRADED

My Review:

Elena, the main female in this book, is married to a man who owes money to a loan shark. Her husband decides to do something no one could have ever imagined, trade Elena to cover his debt.

Ashton, the main male character, is a loan shark who wants the money owed to him. When Elena’s husband shows up with no money but his wife as a trade, Ashton is stunned.

Ashton see the way Elena’s husband talks to her and treats her. He realizes that he might be in over his head, but he cannot let Elena go home with that man. When he accepts the deal, Elena’s husband tells her that she needs to do whatever Ashton wants, even if that mean sleeping with him. Elena is shocked with what was happening but thinks that she needs to do whatever she has to keep her husband safe.

Elena is in denial that her husband emotional abuses her and Ashton is set on showing her that she deserves more than what she has with her husband. Elena is shocked at how Ashton treats her. She expects him to mean and hard on her but he is anything but that. Elena learns over the course of a few months that how her husband had been treating her was wrong and that she deserves more.

Of course, this is a romance book also, so Elena and Ashton end up making a connection and falling for each other, but the road to get there is a difficult one and it takes times.

I feel that this book had a predictable ending but it was still a very good read.

This book talks about emotional abuse. I don’t think some people understand that abuse does not have to be just physical, emotional abuse is a real issue also. Many people that are in relationships where emotional abuse occurs try and deny it because there are not physical signs of abuse. Many people feel that to be abused there has to be a bruise or a broken bone, but words can hurt, especially if they come from someone you love.

I really enjoined this book. Abuse is a topic that is difficult to talk about but it is something that needs to be talked about. This author brings up the topic in a way that doesn’t sugarcoat it. She puts the issue right up front and doesn’t hide anything.
I will defiantly be reading other books by this author.

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