Unexpected Reality


Expect the unexpected. That’s what they say, but it’s easier said than done.

How do you expect a change so huge it rocks you to your core?

How do you prepare yourself for an event that will alter your life forever?

One breath

One second

One minute

One hour

One day at a time, you learn to live with your unexpected reality.

My Review:

I have been waiting for this book since Kaylee Ryan announced it and I was not disappointed! This is a duel point of view book (my favorite kind).
The book starts out with Melissa having a night out and letting loose. She meets Ridge at a bar and they end up having a one-night stand.
Fast-forward eight months. One day Ridge is on the way to pick up the girl he is kinda-not really seeing (this is an important element of the story) and finds a car that has gone over the hillside during a rainstorm. He stops to help and calls 911. Once emergency crews get there, something in his heart tells him he needs to go to the hospital and make sure that the women in the car is all right.

Once at the hospital Ridge finds out that the crash victim is Melissa and that she is eight months pregnant. Ridge doesn’t know what to do. Melissa is still alive but in very critical condition. Over the next few days, the doctor’s delivery the baby and Melissa passes away, leaving Ridge as a single dad with no warning.
Ridge is determined to give Knox (the baby) the best life he can. While taking Knox to a doctor’s appointment, he runs into Kendall, an old friend of his sisters and a nurse at the doctor’s office. There is an instant attraction between the two of them. A few days later, Kendall is checking on her grandparents’ house that is being remodeled and it just so happens that Ridge’s company is doing the remodel, so they run into each other again.
Kendall and Ridge fight the attraction they have for each other. Kendall feels bad that she is starting to develop feelings towards Ridge because he just lost his son’s mother (she doesn’t know the story yet) and she also just got out of a bad relationship.

As time goes on, they end up hanging out more and their relationship grows.
Kendall finally learns the story of Knox’s mom and of the last girl Ridge was with. Kendall worries that she is a rebound and Ridge is determined to show her that she is anything but.
Of course there is a twist in the story. Can the information that Kendall learns about Knox’s birth mother change the feelings that she has for Ridge?

This story is a HEA but how they get there is amazing.


Who doesn’t love a hot construction worker with tattoos who just happens to be a single dad? (I love my husband BTW, this is just a book boyfriend)
I was not prepared for this story. The description left a lot to the imagination but from the book cover, you could kind of get an idea of what the story was about.

Kaylee Ryan’s writing kept me so engaged. I am a sucker for a good love story and the way she wrote this book, kept you on your toes to find out if it was every going to happen.
I think that the writing was very good. I don’t remember finding and spelling or grammar errors. I feel that Kaylee didn’t drag the story out just to make it longer and kept it interesting the entire way thought.

Buy Now: https://www.amazon.com/Unexpected-Reality-Kaylee-Ryan-ebook/dp/B01HXGF6GQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1500689042&sr=1-1&keywords=unexpected+reality+kaylee+ryan


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