Snow Day Reads (3-12-18)

Woke up to an unexpected snow day today and what better way to spend a snow day than reading a good book. Below are some recommendations of books that I love. Some are new releases and some are older reads. But I will start with what I am currently reading. Current Read and loving it!! ... Continue Reading →

Free Books (As of 3-10-18)

FREE BOOKS!! You got that right, I said free books!! As of 3-10-18....these books were free on Amazon. I got every book on this list (some I have already read), so my TBR is going to be PACKED!!  I can not guarantee these books will be free when you click the link, but lets hope... Continue Reading →

New Releases (3-10-18)

Below are some new releases that are either super popular or they are ones that I have been excited for and have already read or will be reading soon. ENJOY!! Blurb: I’m getting really good at cutting my losses. First, the husband. Divorcing him was the best decision I ever made. But between single-parenting and... Continue Reading →

Blurb: Winnie thinks she has the perfect life. Two beautiful, healthy children. A police officer husband. A job that she loves. Oh, and let’s not forget that she’s a nationally ranked marathon runner. Fast forward six months, and her perfect life has imploded. Winnie finds herself in a completely new world, and this new world... Continue Reading →

Blurb: I’m a bad girl. I was sent away. New house. New rules. New school. Change was supposed to be…good. Until I met him. No one warned me Principal Renner would be so hot. I’d expected some old, graying man in a brown suit. Not this. Not well over six feet of lean muscle and... Continue Reading →

Heartbreak for Hire

Blurb: I turn trusted housewives into adulterous whores. Let’s face it, nothing lasts forever. She may have started out as your wet dream, but now she’s your ball and chain. Let me set you free. I’ll turn your loyal lady into a lecherous liar. I can give you the uncontested divorce you desire, end your... Continue Reading →

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