Author Spotlight: Kalyee Ryan

kaylee ryan

The amazing Kaylee Ryan agreed to do an interview for me. I can’t thank her enough to take time out of her busy schedule for me.


Instagram: kaylee_ryan_author
Twitter: @author_k_ryan

Random Questions:

  • If you could tell your 18-year-old self one thing, what would it be? Don’t worry about growing up too fast.  Life passes by too quickly.  Live in the moment and enjoy it.
  • What is your favorite restaurant? Olive Garden
  • Where is your favorite or dream vacation spot? In the fall, the mountains when the leaves are changing.  Otherwise on the beach!
  • How often do you curse? More frequently than I should.  😀  (Daily)
  • What is your favorite movie? I don’t really watch much TV, if I have time away from writing and family, I’m reading.
  • When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A nurse.
  • What is something you are obsessed with? Aside from reading?    We go to a lot of concerts and I’m always listening while I’m writing.
  • What’s your favorite way to waste time? I like to scrapbook when time allows, but I don’t do it as often as I used to.  Not enough time in the day.

 This or That:

  • Fireman or Policeman? Fireman
  • Vodka or Rum? Vodka
  • Summer or Winter? Summer
  • Toilet paper: Over or Under? Either, as long as it’s replaced 😀
  • Beer or Wine? Wine
  • Tattoos or no tattoos? Tattoos
  • Football or Basketball? Football
  • Bath or Shower? Shower
  • Sneakers or Sandals? Flip Flops
  • Straight or curly hair? Curly
  • Fruits or vegetables? Fruits
  • Online shopping or in-person shopping? Both! 
  • Mac or PC? Mac

Book Related Questions: **SPOILERS AHEAD**

  • You are one of my most read authors, I have read 13 of your books. I am going to ask questions on some of my favorites.
  • The “Southern Heart” Series is AMAZING!!! In Southern Pleasure, Evan is a single dad (one of my FAVORITE kind of books) and McKinley is helping him raise his child. Why did you feel that Evan and McKinley had to get married instead of just fighting the ex’s parent’s in court to keep the baby? It was meant to show that Evan can provide a loving home with two parents.  That was the angle the grandparents could come from.  That they could provide both for the baby.
  • Southern Desire is probably my favorite book from this series. Aaron, what to say about him. I LOVED him. A hardworking county boy with a heart of gold…YUMM!! Why did you choose to make this book a “slow burn” between Aaron and Whitney? Why not insta-love? Aaron always said when he found “the one” he would know.  That’s not always the case.  Life likes to throw you curve balls when you least expect it.  He never took the time to get to know someone to fall in love with them before Whitney.
  • You have the topic of breast cancer in this book. Is there a reason you picked that particular cancer to talk about? Not necessarily. I lost my father to lung cancer when I was 22.  It’s something that the majority of people can relate with on some level. We all know someone who is fighting, has won the fight, and lost the fight to this terrible disease.
  • On to Unexpected Reality. This is my favorite book of yours. How did you come up with the story line of Ridge going to the hospital with this mystery woman, only to find out it was Melissa and that she was pregnant? I knew that I wanted Ridge to be a single dad, but I wanted to show what got him to that point.  I like the fact that he was worried about her, that something was telling him he need to go to the hospital.  As if the baby was calling to him.  I just wanted something different.
  • What was the hardest scene in this book to write? SPOILER:  Honestly, I think where Melissa loses her battle.  I was so caught up in the emotions of Ridge and how he was dealing with being a single dad, I forgot to even write in her funeral.  Looking back, I wish I would have added that scene.  I still might one day.


  • Reminding Avery…this book gave me all the feels that an amazing book gives people. Dylan is the boy I want my son to grow up to be. Did you have an inspiration for Dylan? Not personally. I knew I wanted him to be strong, more so than most guys his age.  That what he felt for her, that he would give anything for her to follow her dreams.  Even if it meant breaking his own heart in the process.


  • Where did you get the idea for your “Soul Serenade” Series? Originally, Emphatic was a standalone. It wasn’t until my readers asked for the other band members that I decided to turn it into a series.
  • You have three books in this series, they were all really good, are there more books to come in this series? Yes, Gavin’s book will be release late 2018.


  • Hey, Whiskey……Rhett put up a fight to get Saylor. Why did you have him put so much effort into winning her over? After what Saylor went through with her ex, I wanted her to be with someone who could see the love that she had to give.  Someone who would give her the love and the family that she’d always craved.  With Saylor’s past he had to prove that he was all in with her.
  • Why did you choose West Virginia as the setting? (That’s where I live) My husband. When I was telling him the storyline and the title, I was in the middle of deciding the location.  He suggested West Virginia.


  • Your “With You” series is the only series I have not read yet. What can you tell readers about this series? AWY is more insta love.  Liam and Allison fall fast and hard.  MWY is your classic brothers best friend.  EWY is both couples living the challenges that life faces.  Careers, weddings, and babies.

Random Ending Questions:

  • Is it hard to write duel POV? All of my books to date are dual POV. I feel like it helps the reader get into both of the characters heads.
  • Who are your one-click authors? My list is huge.  I one-click way more books than I will ever be able to read.  Some that I never miss out on are, Corrine Michaels, Jamie McGuire, and Adrianna Locke to name a few.
  • Do you write full-time or part-time? Depends on how you look at it.  I work a full time job, and write as much as possible.  Some years I can produce more than others.  Just depends on family obligations, work, and the characters.  I don’t want to force the stories, so I wait until they are speaking to me.
  • What is the average time it takes to write a book? Depends on the book and what’s going on in my life.  My upcoming release Pull You Through I wrote it fast, in about 8 weeks and it’s my longest to date at 118k words.
  • What is the hardest thing about writing? Putting your words out there for the world to consume.  I’m still a bundle of nerves with every release.  I live these characters lives for weeks, months (depending on the book).  It’s kind of like dropping your kid off to the first day of kindergarten. You’re excited, nervous and scared all at the same time.  That’s your baby that you are leaving in someone else’s hands.
  • What was the most difficult scene you have written? There have been a few.  Southern Desire when Whitney loses her mom and then again at the wedding.  Unexpected Reality was also pretty tough.


  • What can you tell your readers about for upcoming books? Lots of exciting things still to come in 2018.  I’m taking part in Adriana Locke’s Landry World that releases on June 5, 2018.  I have a new standalone military romance that releases June 12, 2018.  Gavin’s book is coming as well as Olivia and David from the Southern Heart Series.  There might be an anthology or two added into the mix as well.

Last Question:

What would you like to say to your readers?  Thank you for taking a chance on me and my stories.  I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing and when I decided to publish never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be where I am today.  You, the readers have put me on the USA Today and New York Times bestsellers list.  YOU DID THAT!  Thank you for your help making my dreams come true.

Books by Kaylee Ryan

Southern Pleasure (Southern Heart Book 1)

southern pleasure

Southern Desire (Southern Heart Book 2)

southern desire

Southern Attraction (Southern Heart Book 3)

aouthern attraction

Emphatic (Soul Serenade Book 1)


Assured (Soul Serenade Book 2)


Definite (Soul Serenade Book 3)


Anywhere With You (With You Series Book 1)

anywhere with you

More With You (With You Series Book 2)

more with you

Everything With You (With You Series Book 3)

everythign with you .jpg

Stand Alones:

Unexpected Reality

unexpected reality

Reminding Avery

reminding avery

I Just Want You

i just want you

Hey, Whiskey

hey, whiskey

Just Say When

just say when



Tempting Tatum

tempting tatum

When Sparks Collide

when sparks collide

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  1. Another fab spotlight. If I could tell my 18 year old self something, it would be that ‘Your stronger than you realise. don’t let others walk all over you’. Something that only came with age and experience.


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