June Book Wrap-Up

I read 9 books in June. Not my best month, but not my worst. (I also did two BETA reads but I will add those to the month they are published in.)

Here are the books and my review of each book.

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5 Star Books

My Review: 

Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster!!
We first meet Jackson when he is 10 years old. His mother is leaving his father and he is trying to figure out why.  When his mother left, she asked him one thing “Take care of your father”. And that is what Jackson did. For years, he took care of this father, through the bad times and the worst times. Living in a small town, Jackson was seen as the “troubled” kid. The kid from the wrong side of the track. But no one got to see the real Jackson. That is until Grace shows back up in town.
“They called me Satan’s spawn and it had bothered me when I was younger, but the older I got, the more I liked the ring of it. People had harbored an unnecessary fear of my father and me for fifteen or so years. They called us monsters, and after some time, we took on the role.”
Grace is from the same town as Jackson but has been gone for years. Grace has been married to Finn for the last 15 years. She has been though a lot in those year, a lot more than most women could handle. But after 15 years of marriage, Finn has decided he wants someone else. (and who he choses will make you mad!)
“My husband wasn’t a cheater except when it came to her. Her. I hated her, even though I didn’t know who she was. I hated her in a way I hadn’t known I could hate a stranger.”
When Grace crashes back into town for the summer, Jackson is there to catch her, even if he doesn’t want to in the beginning. Jackson isn’t nice. He’s rude and mean to Grace. Why? Because of her last name. Because of who her parents are.
Your heart will break for Grace when you learn her story. Your heart will break for Jackson when you see what he has lived with for almost his entire life. Your heart will break for both of them when the town starts talking. You know small towns, everyone talks.
We were just two broken people, uninterested in being fixed.
Jackson and Grace are opposites but they work. They balance each other out. Grace brings Jackson peace and Jackson makes Grace find herself for the first time.
Towards the end of this book, connections will start being made. You will start to understand different things that happened during the book and why those things happened. But those connections will also test Jackson and Grace. It will make them rethink what they have together. Is it just a summer fling or is it something real? If it is real love, can it survive the test it is about to be given?
This book will make you cry, laugh, cry some more, and then it will make you think about your life and re-evaluate how you are living your life.
Brittainy C. Cherry wrote an amazing novel. This book will give you the feels. It will touch your core and it will make you a better person.

My Review: 

WARNING!!! This is not a trigger warning….this is a hotness warning!!! This book is a scorcher!!! If sex scenes bother you, or if you can’t handle sexy talk….this is not the book for you. (Plus there is a sexy surprise in the book, one that I was not prepared for, but it was AMAZING and you will know what I am talking about when you read the book)
Max and Eve have a story that has been told before. Two people with a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship. No feelings. Just sex and good times. But we know how that works out…it doesn’t. But Marni tells the story in a different way.
Max is a workaholic. Being part or a huge company makes him a busy man. Eve is equally as busy being a stylist to the stars. But the main difference in the two of them is Eve makes time for Max. She makes sure she sees him when she can. Max on the other hand doesn’t.
But what happens when Eve’s feeling start to catch up with her? What happens when Eve starts to want MORE?
Will Max do the right thing? Will he lose what he never realized he had? Or will he realize what he had but too late?
Marni write this book perfectly. She has just the right about of sexiness mixed with emotions and feelings. Marni continues to surprise me with her work.
I am not impatiently waiting for Scarlett’s story. I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one!!

My Review: 

I loved Jeremy and Melissa’s story. If you have read the other books you know why Jeremy is the way he is. Mean, drunk, rude. But you also know the other side of him.
Melissa is a new character in this series. One you find out her story, your heart will break for her.
Jeremy and Melissa have a rocky start. But the pieces start to fall in line.
But their pasts connect in a way they could have never imagined.
Will this tear them apart or bring them closer together? Gotta read to find out.

4 Star Books

My Review: 

What a sweet love story!!!
If you know me, you know I usually go towards darker reads, but Karla is an author that I love and I will read whatever she write.
Luke and Allie have such a sweet, fun, heart-breaking, heart-touching love story.
Luke is the starting quarterback for the Washington Wolves. When the owner of his company dies, he has no idea who is going to be taking over. All Luke knows is that he needs to continue to be a leader for his team and the best dad he can be for his daughter.
Allie is a young women whose entire life just changed. Her father just passed away and she has moved into his lake-side cabin to figure everything out. What she doesn’t expect is her neighbor to be a hot, single dad.
Problem is, Allie has no idea who Luke is and Luke has no idea how important Allie is going to become to him. Their first and second meetings don’t go very well, and that is saying it nicely.
They find out soon enough though that their lives are going to be interconnected in ways that they never could have dreamed.
Now they both have to figure out how to deal with it.
This was a great story. It was a easy, pretty quick read and would totally recommend it to someone else.
And then there is Faith, Luke’s daughter who will just steal your heart.
And I hope that Dayvon gets his own book.

My Review: 

What a sweet story. This story has a bit of insta-love in it and that is not usually my kind of read. But this book is just so sweet, that I can handle the insta-love.
Clayton and Emelie don’t start out on the right foot. Emelie automatically dismisses Clayton because she believes he is a player. He is a frat-boy and she believes they are all the same.
Clayton is attracted to Emelie from the moment he sees her. When she dismisses him, he takes that as a challenge.
Clayton doesn’t give up on Emelie and when a run in happens at the laundry mat, everything changes.
Emelie has secrets. Emelie has trust issues. Emelie has a hard life.
Clayton wants to do whatever he can for Emelie but he know she won’t take the help without a fight.
Mainly, Clayton wants to love Emelie and he hopes she will love him back.
But can Emelie love someone after everything she has been through? How can she trust someone when everyone else in her life, besides her best-friend, has let her down?
This is a really sweet story. Clayton and Emelie’s story make my heart smile. I usually read books that are darker but this is just the kind of read I needed this weekend.

My Reveiw:

This is going to be short and to the point.
Wow! What a book.
Please….if you can’t handle darkness and blood and if you need any kind of a trigger warning, this book is not for you.
I don’t wanna give anything away because there are so many twists and turns but this book is dark. Like holy cow.
There were parts that were a bit hard to read but I know K. Webster and Ker Dukey won’t let me down and they didn’t.
I can’t wait for Vas’s book!!!

3 Star Books

My Review: 

This books was okay. Definitely not my favorite book in this serious but it wasn’t terrible. It just didn’t catch my attention. Will I still read other books in this series…yep. But this one was just an okay read for me.


My Review: 

I don’t wanna say to much because I don’t wanna give to much of my opinion. But….
The overall concept of the story was good. Escort, virgin. Poor little rich girl.
But there were parts that were confusing to me and I got lost a few time.

My Review:

I’m gonna keep this short.
The entire book, expect for the epilogue, takes place in about two days.
It is a very fast paced book.
It was a good storyline and concept, I just wish I would have been taken place over a longer period of time.

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