Kristen Hope Mazzola has Released FIVE BOOKS in ONE DAY!


One chance encounter – that’s all it took.

Nikki Jennings is dancing her way into the big time. She has gone from a shy, small town girl to a New York City Ballet star. She had everything to offer the world and she was taking it by storm.

Chase Harding is a cocky jock that has always gotten exactly what he’s wanted. Most recently, the rookie spot on his dream hockey team. He has everything he could ever want until he meets Nikki. She won’t give him the time of day. He won’t take no for an answer.

Will Chase be able to score the v-card of his latest prospect or is he going to shoot and miss for the first time in his life?

My Review: 4 stars

Chase and Nikki are both new to New York City. Chase is a hockey player and Nikki just joined the ballet.
They meet at a book store and they have an instant connection.
Their relationship moves fast.
But it works for them. They connect in more than one way and they each feel they have found their soulmate.
But what happens when something happens out of the blue?
What happens when Nikki has to make a hard decision?

This book is very short…about 84 pages but I think it set at a good pace for a short story. The story is cute and you have an HEA at the end.


It is finally my time.
I am an outlaw. The president of the Atlanta charter of the Unacceptables MC.
You can call me Bear.
I’ve given my blood, sweat, and life to my club. Devotion is a complete understatement.
It wasn’t until a cute blonde walked into my garage that I considered giving myself to anything else.
Her perfect smile drew me in. Her sass made me crazy.
I’ll do anything to protect my MC – and now her.

My Review: 4 stars

This is a short MC novella. Bear and Scarlett meet when he finds her on the side of the road. She had wreck her motorcycle and had been left for dead.
Bear and Scarlett form and instant connection and Bear promises to make the person who ran her of the road pay…her husband.
This was a nice, short and sweet MC read.


Ryan Axston may have been my brother’s best friend, but he is so much more than that to me…He was my first everything. Kiss. Sexual encounter. Love. Ax had my whole heart, but he had no freaking clue.
He always wanted to be a Marine. It was in his blood. The day his brother was shipped home in a body bag, Ax signed up and left town to do his duty to his country.
I forced myself to move on. I really thought he was gone forever.
When he showed back up wearing the Unacceptables’ skull and bones on his back ten years later, I thought I’d be able to fight all the old feelings I had for Ax. I was older and wiser.
But all he had to do was crook his finger and it was as if I was 17 all over again. I wasn’t willing to sit back and let him tear us apart again. This time I was going to fight for what I wanted. But not even my love could stop a bullet. One of us was going to have to make a life-altering choice. Would it be me, or him?

My Review: 3 stars

Ryan and Cass have a second chances story. Overall the story is okay but there was an element of the story that I didn’t like and that’s what gave it 3 Stars. This was also a novella.


He was a former Marine.
He used to be an enforcer for the Unacceptables MC.
Ryan Axston gave up everything for love – for me. His patch, his gun, everything he thought he wanted in life. He claims that nothing compares to our perfect new life.
But is everything too perfect?
​Could an outlaw really walk away completely?

My Review: 3 stars

This book is more of Ryan and Cass’s story.
Cass’s brother has made some bad decisions and it ends up putting his family in danger.
This story was okay by very short. The book ended at 67% with the rest just previews for other books.


It is finally our time.
He’s an outlaw. The president of the Atlanta charter of the Unacceptables MC.
I’m his old lady – devoted, strong, and ready for anything.
But was I ready for what was coming?
Everything was perfect, or so it seemed.
It wasn’t until a bone chilling knock at our door that I considered running.
Our perfect life was about to be shattered.
He’d do anything to protect me and his club. But was it enough to really keep everyone safe?

My Review: 3 stars 

This book of more of Bear and Scarlett’s story. Scarlett’s ex has shown back up and they have to decided what to do about him.
Another novella. Ends at about 78%. Not terrible but not enough to keep my attention.

About the Author:

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Bestselling author, Kristen Hope Mazzola, lives in the suburbs of Tampa soaking up the sunshine while watching hockey or football at beach bars. She writes contemporary romance ranging from steamy romantic comedy, angsty new adult, all the way to sports romance – with dirty bikers, hot military men, and swoon-worthy rockstars in between. A portion of her royalties goes to the Marcie Mazzola Foundation. 

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