Friday 5: Authors that Deserve More Recognition

The 5 authors below are 5 author I think are amazing but they don’t get enough recognition. I think these authors write amazing books and their words always move me in some way.

Lani Lynn Vale

I have read 49 of Lani Lynn Vale’s books. Yes….you read that correctly…49 book. She is probably my all time favorite author.

J.L. Drake

I have read 11 of J.L. Drake’s books. She is an amazing author and an overall great person.

Marni Mann

I have read 6 boos from Marni Mann. She has everything from really dark and twisted to hot and steamy.

Alta Hensley 

I have read 7 of Alta Hensley’s books. The are dark and dangerous and AMAZING!!

C.A. Harms

I have read 12 of C.A. Harms’ books. They are great and they will touch your heart.

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9 thoughts on “Friday 5: Authors that Deserve More Recognition

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  1. I recently downloaded one by Alta Hensley. I can’t remember which one now, but I want to move it up in my queue.


  2. I have not read the others, though I should as they look like the type of books that I would really enjoy. Marni Mann is one author who I have read and I absolutely love her books.


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