August Book Wrap-Up

What a month!!!!

I read 19 books this month.

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5 stars

My Review:

Holy Mother of God….What did I just read?
I was sucked into this book from page one.

Brock Pearson has always been a mystery. But I knew where was something different about him. Something that made him different than his other brothers.
And that something was Ethan Kingston.
Ethan’s life is great. Living on the ocean with his best-friend while going to college. Being able to do whatever he wants. Problems is there is something that he wants, but he isn’t sure if it wants him too.

“I care about him, perhaps more than I should or care to admit.”

Then we add Camila to the mix. Camila is a hard working, shy college student. When she meets Brock and Ethan, everything changes.

Brock and Ethan are used to sharing women, but this is different for more than one reason. Brock and Ethan have a connection that is more than just friends. But both are scared to make the first move. Both are attracted to Camila and she is attracted to both of them.

You know the old saying, “Three is a crowd”, but will it be from them?

WOW!!! The writing in this book was amazing. I couldn’t get enough.
I have to say this is my first M/M book. I went into it a bit nervous, but I have to say that the way Dani wrote it was wonderful.

This book is told from 3 different POV’s. It isn’t difficult at all to keep up with the story. I think the 3 POV’s make the book even better. You get to see how all three characters see things and how they think.

4 stars

My Review:

This was a great ending to Ryan and Cereus story! I love how some things were cleared up and I liked learning more about Cereus and what happened to her.
And it might not exactly the happy ending you think it will be.



My Review:

Caleb and Olivia’s story continues.
Caleb still has revenge to obtain. And the only way he can get that revenge is with Olivia. But the lines start to blur and he starts to second-guess his decisions. But life is still rough for Olivia. She still has to be the submissive everyone thinks she is when she’s in public. The problem is Caleb will go from hot to cold in private at the switch of a flip and Olivia never knows what Caleb she’s going to end up getting.
This story is about closure. It’s about revenge. It’s about trying to figure out who you really are.
The only reason this book did not get five stars for me, was because when the point of you change from character to character, there was no warning.

My Review:

This Books was amazing…. so why 4 Stars?

This book made me cry and cry and look at my own marriage and evaluate my life.
Graham and Quinn have a story I think a lot of people have. You love someone with your entire heart, but things are not going the way they are supposed to go. So most people give up. But Graham and Quinn don’t give up. They push and fight and it’s hard and tough.
But in the end….. can they survive this? Can they survive a mistake that is made?

The reason for 4 Stars is because I just needed something else. What did I need? I have no clue, but I needed an other piece of the puzzle.

My Review:

Scarlett and Hudson have a HOT book. They are nothing working on deals for their companies and plan a meeting to meet in person. Problem is…. the actually meet before their real meeting but one person doesn’t know who the other is yet and things get hot between them before the person finds out.
Could this ruin the deal they are working on?
You’ll have to read to find out.
I really liked Scarlett and Hudson’s story. I like that it wasn’t insta-love and that they bantered back and forth.

My Review:

Reagan and Tyler…….I really liked their story.
I only know one other person named Reagan, my husband’s niece. I like the name. It’s unique.
I like that Reagan was an outdoors kind of girl. So many girls today hate to get their hands dirty. But I also liked that she was shy. She wasn’t out there to try to get a guy. She was just trying to live her life. Reagan was still dealing with coming out of a bad relationship and isn’t looking of a new man.
The description of Tyler makes me want to jump through the pages to find him myself. Tyler has not had an easy life. His ex cheated on him with his best friend and he still hasn’t gotten over it.
What happens when Reagan’s ex shows back up? What happens when Tyler’s ex shows back up?
Can they help each other get through the dark times or will they fall apart?
I like how Reagan and Tyler didn’t have an insta-love. I like the back and forth between them. They had to work for their relationship.
And be prepared for tears!!! The story about Tyler’s dad… I was ugly crying!!!!
I really liked this book. I felt that the writing was very good and that the story flowed. I don’t think it was rushed at all and I think it had good character development.
I am soooo excited for Rome’s story!!

My Review:

Last but not least, we get Camden’s story.

Camden has been a character throughout the books that has been a mystery. He is the “baby” in the family but he might be the smartest.

Camden is out for revenge and doesn’t care who he was to run over to get what he wants. He’s smart, cunning, and always gets what he wants. Poppy is what he wants or at least what he wants to destroy.

Poppy has no idea why Camden is out to get her. He’s mean and rude but sexy and smart. When she find out her fiancé’ is cheating on her, everything changes for her. But she still has Camden to deal with. The problem is… she is starting to get close to Camden. But she knows if she gets to close, she is going to get burned.

If it worth the burn? Is it worth getting close to him?

For Camden, is getting close to Poppy going to ruin everything he has been working for?

I was worried going into Camden that he was gonna scare me. I didn’t expect him to make me cry.

This was the perfect ending to this sereis. I am so sad it is over but I’m glad each brother got his happy ending.

My Review:

Chase and Nikki are both new to New York City. Chase is a hockey player and Nikki just joined the ballet.
They meet at a book store and they have an instant connection.
Their relationship moves fast.
But it works for them. They connect in more than one way and they each feel they have found their soulmate.
But what happens when something happens out of the blue?
What happens when Nikki has to make a hard decision?

This book is very short…about 84 pages but I think it set at a good pace for a short story. The story is cute and you have an HEA at the end.

My Review:

This is a short MC novella. Bear and Scarlett meet when he finds her on the side of the road. She had wreck her motorcycle and had been left for dead.
Bear and Scarlett form and instant connection and Bear promises to make the person who ran her of the road pay…her husband.
This was a nice, short and sweet MC read.


My Review:

Kendall and Jake have a very quick romance. The fist 70% or so of the book all takes place in about a week. Even though this book isn’t spread out over time, I feel that the pacing of the book is good.
Kendall and Jake are both just looking for a good time, but what happens when feelings get involved.
Jake lives on the island were Kendall is vacationing. Why would Kendall get into a relationship with someone when she is leaving in a week.
But sometimes you don’t get to control your feelings.
What is Kendall going to do when she is approached with an opportunity to stay on the island and work.
Kendall and Jake might have a quick romance but it isn’t all roses. They have to work through issues both of them have in order to make their relationship work.

My Review:

What a story!
You have everything for Royce trying to get with the new client to Parker dealing with blackmail on Skyler.
This story was full of drama!!! And it was great.
But it also had heart break and now to see what the next story holds.


My Review:

Zeke and Eden are total opposites. He’s fresh out of prison and she’s the preachers daughter. But what happens when Eden realizes there’s more to life than what she’s been taught. What happens when her dad finds out what she’s been doing? Of course this one ended in a cliffhanger but I will be reading the next one as soon as K. Webster writes it.


3 stars

My Review:

So this one was not may favorite of the series.
Alexis was very pushy. I did not like her at all.
Parker was a butt hole.
He refused to listen to Skyler and then did almost exactly what he accused her of doing.
I hope he gets his act together in the next Book.


My Review:

Ryan and Cass have a second chances story. Overall the story is okay but there was an element of the story that I didn’t like and that’s what gave it 3 Stars. This was also a novella.




My Review:

This book is more of Ryan and Cass’s story.
Cass’s brother has made some bad decisions and it ends up putting his family in danger.
This story was okay by very short. The book ended at 67% with the rest just previews for other books.



My Review:

This book of more of Bear and Scarlett’s story. Scarlett’s ex has shown back up and they have to decided what to do about him.
Another novella. Ends at about 78%. Not terrible but not enough to keep my attention.



My Review:

David and Angel have a story that spans many years.
They first meet when they are young. David works for a mobster and he catches angel rubbing their connection is instant and very strong. But one day Angel disappears and David ends up going to prison. Five years later to prison and is set to do a protection job. But he didn’t realize he would be protecting Angel.
How Angel ends up where she is is a big part of the story, but David is determined to set her free.
Different things happen throughout the story, and there are some periods of time that have been skipped over to get to certain parts of the story.
This was an OK read for me, it didn’t keep my interest as much as I wish it would have. I think this story had a lot of potential but it just fell a little bit short for me

My Review:

Grayson and Emma have a nice story but it just didn’t grab my attention. She’s just out of a relationship and he stays away from relationships at all cost. Throw in a jealous co-worker and Grayson inappropriate dad, and you have an okay story.



2 stars

My Review:

Liam and Shawn.
Shawn is Liam’s partners daughter. She’s younger than him. He shouldn’t want her. But of course he does. This book was an OK read. There was a lot of sex and not a lot of storyline. It was a very quick read.

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