Don’t Miss These September Reads!!

Here are some new release from September that you don’t want to miss. Some of these i have read (I have attached my review) and some I haven’t got to read yet.

Hope you find your next favorite book!

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Dirty Headlines – L.J. Shen


Misadventures with a Rock Star – Helen Hart

Kiss the Girl – Tara Sivec

Booted – Pam Godwin

Flirting with Forever – Kendall Ryan

Mess Me Up- Lani Lynn Vale

My Review:

Get your tissues ready! This book is a tear-jerker!!
I have wanted to know Rome’s story since reading Tyler’s story. Rome seemed like a man who was caught between a rock and a hard place. After reading his book…he defiantly was.
This review is hard to write without giving to many details away.
Rome and Izzy don’t have a fairytale story. Their story is full of tears and heartbreak. But it is also full of love and forgiveness.
Rome is taking care of his sick some Matias. Matias’ mom has decided she can’t do it anymore and leave Rome all by himself with his son (they were together in the first place).
Izzy is a house cleaner and get a new job cleaning Rome’s house. She used to clean for Matias’ mom and you see instantly the connection she has to Matias.
It’s so hard not to go into major details, but I want you to read this book kind of blind.
There were parts of this book where I wanted to yell at Lani and ask her “WHY??”
This is probably one of the toughest books from Lani I have ever read.
But in the end, she put my heart back together.

Dane’s Storm – Mia Sheridan

International Guy:7  London – Audrey Carlan

Guilty as Sin – Meghan March

Blood Born Saga: Part 1 and 2 – Helen Hardt

My Review:

Let me say that this is my first ever vampire book. Honestly, I would have never picked this book up if it wasn’t a Helen Hardt book. With that being said, I am GLAD I did.
“Humans don’t realize they each possess their own scent beyond perspiration and pheromones, a fragrance that coms from their very life force – their blood.”
Dante and Erin meet under very interesting circumstances, aka, him stealing blood from the blood bank at the hospital she works at. But he doesn’t hurt her when she finds him. And when questioned, she covers for him. Why? They have a instant connection neither one of them understand. Dante can smell her scent, her blood, and for some reason, her smell is something he is having problems staying away from.
Dante has been away for years, not by his own doing, and coming back into the regular world is an adjustment for him. He has to learn to control his urges.
This book was more than I expected. There are little twists and turns. Little pieces of the story that you can tell are going to play into the bigger plot of the story.

My Review:

Okay….I’m sucked into this story now!!!
Dante is doing his best to try and start away form Erin but he can’t. There is something about her that is “pulling” him to her. Every time things start to get to far, Dante run, leaving Erin behind and confused.
Dante keeps having flashback to when he was “away”. Flashback of the “Queen” and what she did to him.
Then there are just some crazy things happening that tie into the story somehow. Missing lady from the ER is back. Little old lady died before telling Erin her entire story. Man from the ER says he saw vampires.
Plus there is something about Dr. Bonneville that tells me she is hiding BIG secrets.

Then thre is a surprise with Dante’s sister.
At the end of part 2, we find out something that is going to change everything!!

Breathless – Willow Winters

My Review:

Carter and Aria…your killing me!!!
You see the 3 stars I gave this book and you probably wonder why.
Carter made me mad throughout the entire book. I think the way he handle things was terrible.
Aria needs to choose a side. I understand she is in a difficult position but she needs to choose.
I really enjoy the plot and story line but the characters are driving me crazy.
I need the 4th and final book to see how this ends. Carter better man up and not disappoint me!

Bidding for Keeps – K. Webster

My Review:

Vivid and Dallas were what needed. A fast, quick, sexy read that you can just enjoy and it puts you in a really good mood.




A Love Letter – Kandi Steiner and Brittany C. Cherry

My Review:

I can honestly say I have never read poetry before and had no clue what I was getting into when I started this book.
Since this is different than any other book reviews….I’m going to put the titles of some of the favorite poems from this book.
If Only
Anxiety’s Choice
The Human
Lessons Learned
I hope you find some poems that speak to you also.

Perfect Flawed – Dani Rene

My Review:

Piper and Ryder….two people who were not supposed to like each other. Piper, the best friends little sister. Ryder, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks.
They meet when they are teenagers and bonded over their love of dance. They played a cat and mouse game until Ryder moved away, taking Pipers heart with him.
Years went by before Ryder came back. But he wasn’t the same Ryder. He was broken. But why?
There are two plot twists in this book and I didn’t see either one of them coming.
Dani Rene tells a story about forgiving yourself and forgiving others in order to live your best life.
This story is very touching and it will probably make you cry at least once.
Great job!!

Nordic King – Karina Halle

My Review:

A king. A nanny. Two little girls. and a pig.
Aksel the king of Denmark and after losing his wife 2 years ago, he has been having trouble finding a nanny for his two girls.
Aurora has been a nanny in France and when she get to opportunity to go to Denmark to be the nanny to the royal family, she goes for it.
What she didn’t know what her new boss was going to be an asshole. Like a major, smoking hot, amazing body, beautiful face, asshole.
Aksel didn’t know what he was getting when Aurora shows up. She’s unlike anyone he has meet.
As time goes on, Aksel and Aurora’s professional relationship starts to blur.
But what happens when Askel’s past and Aurora’s secrets come out? Can they survive the truths they have both been hiding?
This is such a sweet story. Karina has an amazing writing style and this book showed just how amazing she is.

The Glue – K. Webster

My Review:

Wow! What a great taboo treat!
Vale, Vaughn, and Aiden are amazing together. They each are a piece of the puzzle and without that piece, their puzzle would fall apart.



More of You – A.L. Jackson

Center of Gravity – K.K. Allen

My Review:

Lex and Theo have an instant connection.
Dance brought them together, but it could also tear them apart.
Lex is a dancer. She is working her way into the professional dance scene. When she gets the chance to be a backup dancer on a showcase in Vegas, she jumps at it.
What she didn’t realize was that her idol, Theo, was going to be choreographing the show.
Theo didn’t want Lex in the dance crew. Something about her made him question if she should be there or not.
But what neither Theo nor Lex realized was that things were going to get complicated between them.
But what happens when they break the rules? Will they get caught and lose their jobs or will they be able to hide what is happening between them?
This book was an okay read. I think my main issue with this book was that I just could not connect to the character that well. I liked them. I liked the story. I just could not connect to Lex and Theo.
I would still recommend this book, it just wasn’t for me.

Under Control – Shannon Stacey

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