Unchained – Blood Bond Saga: One (Books 1-3)

blood bond part 1 .jpgBlurb:

Vampire Dante Gabriel is starving. What he craves is red gold—human blood. After being held captive as a blood slave to a female vampire for years, he has finally escaped. Unchained at last, he follows his nose to the nearest blood bank to sate his hunger.
ER nurse Erin Hamilton expects just another busy night shift…until she finds a gorgeous stranger vandalizing the hospital blood bank. Though her logic tells her to turn him in, she’s pulled by stronger and unfamiliar emotions to protect the man who seems oddly infatuated with her scent. Chemistry sizzles between them, but Dante, plagued by nightmares of his time in captivity, fears he won’t be able to control himself…especially when he discovers a secret she doesn’t even know she’s hiding.

My Review:

4 stars 

Let me say that this is my first ever vampire book. Honestly, I would have never picked this book up if it wasn’t a Helen Hardt book. With that being said, I am GLAD I did.

“Humans don’t realize they each possess their own scent beyond perspiration and pheromones, a fragrance that coms from their very life force – their blood.”

Dante and Erin meet under very interesting circumstances, aka, him stealing blood from the blood bank at the hospital she works at. But he doesn’t hurt her when she finds him. And when questioned, she covers for him. Why? They have a instant connection neither one of them understand. Dante can smell her scent, her blood, and for some reason, her smell is something he is having problems staying away from.Dante has been away for years, not by his own doing, and coming back into the regular world is an adjustment for him. He has to learn to control his urges.This book was more than I expected. There are little twists and turns. Little pieces of the story that you can tell are going to play into the bigger plot of the story.

Ready to start part 2!!

blood part 2 .jpgBlurb:

Dante Gabriel is angry. Someone has violated the woman whose scent has left him emotionally paralyzed, and he’s become unhinged. He vows to protect Erin Hamilton—mostly from himself.
Erin has other ideas. She’s determined to figure out the strange man who keeps leaving her aroused and unsatisfied. When she pushes Dante for answers, he goes looking for them himself. What he uncovers could put Erin in mortal danger, with him as her only salvation.

My Review:

4 stars

Okay….I’m sucked into this story now!!!
Dante is doing his best to try and start away form Erin but he can’t. There is something about her that is “pulling” him to her. Every time things start to get to far, Dante run, leaving Erin behind and confused.
Dante keeps having flashback to when he was “away”. Flashback of the “Queen” and what she did to him.
Then there are just some crazy things happening that tie into the story somehow. Missing lady from the ER is back. Little old lady died before telling Erin her entire story. Man from the ER says he saw vampires.
Plus there is something about Dr. Bonneville that tells me she is hiding BIG secrets.
Then there is a surprise with Dante’s sister.
At the end of part 2, we find out something that is going to change everything!!
I can’t wait to read part 3!!!

blood part 3 .jpgBlurb:

Now that Dante Gabriel recognizes the blood bond Erin Hamilton has formed with him, he has to convince her that she must complete the bond for both their sakes. Vampires are rapidly dying out, and humans have long considered them nothing more than a myth. How can he make her understand?

Erin has fallen in love with Dante, but she’s still confused and angered by his behavior. To keep her mind occupied, she immerses herself in a mystery that has evolved at work. Patients have been disappearing from the hospital, and Erin finds a clue regarding their blood.


My Review:

5 stars

I need more!!!! Dante and Erin’s story continues in part 3.

Dante is starting to questions everything he knows. Is he blood bonded with Erin? What does Grandpa Bill really know about what happened to him and what is Grandpa Bill hiding?

Erin starts to forget to do simple things like forget lock the door. Things she always did before she met Dante. Erin is also starting to get some head aches. She also thinks she might be seeing people that aren’t really there. A ghost maybe?

Dante is worried that something is going to happen to Erin. His pull to her is greater than ever. Dante doesn’t know how much longer he can resist the pull towards her. How much longer he can try and do the right thing and stay away from her.

Then there is Dr. Bonneville….something just isn’t right with her.

This first part of the Blood Born Saga, books 1-3, were amazing. They were more than I bargained for and I can’t wait to see what comes next!!!

About the Author:

helen hardt.jpg

#1 New York Times, #1 USA Today, and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Helen Hardt’s passion for the written word began with the books her mother read to her at bedtime. She wrote her first story at age six and hasn’t stopped since. In addition to being an award winning author of contemporary and historical romance and erotica, she’s a mother, an attorney, a black belt in Taekwondo, a grammar geek, an appreciator of fine red wine, and a lover of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. She writes from her home in Colorado, where she lives with her family.

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