October Book Wrap-Up

October was a slow month for me.

I only got 12 books read.

But I did have all 4 and 5 star reads this month.

I hope you find your next favorite book.

5 star

My Review: 

What a powerful read! L.M. Halloran continues to amaze me with her writing.
Amelia is lost. Not physically but mentally. She has lost herself in a world that isn’t completely real. She takes risks she shouldn’t and pushes everything and everyone to the breaking point.
When an accident happens, Amelia’s twin brother Jameson gets her into a private treatment center.
Amelia meets doctor Leo Chastain at the treatment center and instantly wants to dislike him. Problem is….she can’t. She is attracted to him both physically and mentally.
Leo seems to open this side of Amelia she didn’t know was there. Through her therapy sessions, Leo opens up Amelia’s mind. But what she finds when this happens will change everything she thinks she knows.
What secret is Amelia hiding away in her brain? What happens when Amelia leaves treatment? How will Leo play into her new life?
This book was so good. It makes you think about your life and if you are living your best life you can. This book is told from Amelia’s POV. Even though I really like dual POV, the way L.M. Halloran writes this story, I could are less about the dual POV.
I can’t wait to see what L.M. Halloran writes next.

My Review: 

*This is an extremely dark story with numerous triggers, please be warned. Due to scenes of an adult nature, this book is for 18+ ONLY.*
Please take note to the warning. This book is a prequel to Severed and it is a DARK read! If you think for one minute you can’t handle this book, then you probably can’t. But if you can….HOLY COW!!!
Drake has grown up in hell. He has seen things that no one should ever see. He has done things no one should ever do. But he does them for a reason, the two people who mean the most to him, his brother and his best friend. To keep them safe.
“And he made sure I’m as cold as he is, but what he doesn’t know is I still have my heart” 
Caia has no idea what she has gotten herself into. Taken and drugged, she wakes up in a place she doesn’t know. When she meets Drake she knows he’s not there to save her, but there is something about him that gives her comfort.
What happens when Drake has to do things to Caia he doesn’t want to do? Will he protect her or will he do what his father wants?
This book does end with a cliffhanger and I am DYING to see where the story goes!!
This book was dark and bloody and WONDERFUL!! Dani has a way of writing that makes your brain go places you never thought it could go.
Awesome job!

My Review: 

Maybe and Jarret have a story built on lies and deceit but also on love and trust.
Maybe shows up in town to find information she needs to complete her “story”. She knows that Jarret and Jake have the answers she needs. What she didn’t expect was that Jarret would sweep in and knock her off her feet.
Jarret wanted nothing to do with Maybe in the beginning. But he know she had information and he needed to know exactly what she knew. So he kept her close. To close. And then he started to want to keep her close.
But what happens when the truth comes out?
What happens when their happiness falls apart?
I really enjoyed Jarret and Maybe’s story. It sucked me in and I didn’t want to put it down.

My Review: 

WOW!! What a story. Like, I don’t know how to even star to explain this book.
This book takes place over 3 different time periods, The present, the past, and the past again. I know it sounds confusing, and it honestly was at times, but I think there was no other way to tell this story.
Emily is a young girl, trying to figure out what her heart wants. When her “nanny” finds her crying, she decides to tell her a story. A story about love and loss. A story that is not a fairytale and might not have a happy ending.
In the first part you meet Heath, Catrina, and Elliot. (There are some side characters but they aren’t who the story revolves around.) Heath and Catrina are in love. It is a strong, fierce love. But Heath and Catrina come from two different worlds. One comes from money and one doesn’t.
When Catrina has to choose between Heath (and no money) and Elliot (money and her inheritance)……Catrina has no idea how she is going to decided. Her heart wants one thing but her brain is telling her something else.
Part two of the story you meet Cat, Harrison, and Theo. Kind of like in the first part of the book, you have one girl and two guys who both want her. Harrison is an “orphan” and Theo is not. You will come to find out the dynamic there and once you do, everything will start to fall into place. Theo thinks he will get the girl because he has money and he has been told that the girl will always go for the money. Harrison has never felt this kin of connection with anyone but is worried he is not enough for her.
Cat is not only pulled in two directions, but there is a third force involved. How will this third force change things?
Part one and part two are alike in a lot of ways but different in a lot of ways. Each part has it’s on dynamics and it’s only story but they are both about a girl having to chose between two guys.
This story is not about roses and sunshine. It’s about having to make hard decisions. It’s about doing that you think it the right thing, even when it’s not. It’s about realizing that sometimes the heart wants something so bad it will do whatever it needs to get it.
K. Webster and Nikki Ash wrote an amazing story. There were so different parts and different players involved that you never know what is going to happen next.

4 star

My Review: 

I really enjoyed the light-heartedness of Conleigh and Linc’s story. After Mess Me Up, I needed this one to be lighter.
I liked Linc from the beginning. I felt that he was a good man and that he did what he felt was right with it came to how he handled Conleigh.
I liked Conleigh. I felt she was a strong female character and she was a take charge kind of girl.
Conleigh and Linc don’t have an easy path. They go down a rough road.
He paused. “And you’ve always meant more to me than just about anyone in this world.” I felt my stomach somersault as I stared at him. “You left, though. You left. You told me that we weren’t ready.”
Of course there were some very HOT scenes and I loved them!!
Of course Lani added a bad guy into the mix, but it won’t be who you think it is.
I love how Lani throw the Free Birds into the book. Loved seeing them again
You will also have someone from a past book show up. This person is not someone I like and I can’t wait to see how this person plays into future stories.
I felt that this was an easy, simple read.
It was a lot lighter than Mess Me Up, my last Lani read,  and I was happy for that.

My Review: 

There are triggers in this book. You have been warned.
I really enjoyed Jake and Conor’s story. Conor sent though something that no one should have to go through. She was lost and alone and when she needed Jake, he pushed her away.
Jake always blamed himself for what happened to Conor. But when she needed him most, he had to push her away to keep her safe.
What happens when the secrets of the past start to be reviled?
What happens when Conor gets push past her limits?
This book was very well written and I enjoyed the story line.
Jake and Conor are made for each other.

My Review: 

Val is not a size two. She is not a fashion icon. She is a simple girl, who plays in the orchestra, who has a crush on a guy named Sam. A guy she thinks she would never have a chance with. Problem is every time she is around Sam, something goes wrong.
Sam plays in the orchestra with Val. He has noticed her, but he has never approached her. Why? Because she looks like the type of girl that does long-term and he never does long-term.
Insert Ian, Sam’s best-friend. Ian goes after what he wants and he wants Val. Sam doesn’t want him to go anywhere near Val. So they make a bet about Val (but I’m not telling you what the bet is).
What could go wrong? Possibly everything.
What if hearts get involved? What if the truth comes out? What if everything you though was wrong?
Staci knows how to write sweet, love stories. Stories that open your heart and show you that true love really does exist.

My Review: 

So I am new to the M/M world.
And I honestly didn’t know this was an M/M book when I went into it.
But I loved Dane and Nick. I loved their banter. I loved their honestly. I loved their love!
I loved it all!

My Review: 

Jace and Sydney have a story that is very relatable. It’s about love and loss and finding yourself again.
Jace is a single dad who lost his wife a year ago. Since then, he has thrown himself into his work. The more he works, the less he thinks about his loss.
Sydney is helping her best friend plan her wedding. She knows that she is going to have to deal with Jace, and from what she has heard he is not pleasant. But she is willing to do whatever she needs to do to make this wedding amazing.
There is an instant connection between Jace and Sydney, no matter how much both of them try and deny it. One thing leads to another and just when Sydney thinks the evening is going to end amazingly with her and Jace, he changes his mind.
But it doesn’t end there. Life brings them back together and then they start bring themselves together. The problem is Jace doesn’t know what he wants and Sydney doesn’t like being dragged around.
But what happens when everything changes? What happens when Jace can’t handle a situation? Will he lose everything? Is it too late?
I can honestly say that for like the first 60% of this book, I didn’t like Jace. But I started to love him towards the end of the book.
Now to go back and read his brothers book.
Good job Ava!

My Review: 

Henley and Rhys have a very interesting story. They met by chance one night when Rhys party got to loud. The next time they met, Rhys was in the hospital unconscious after a car accident and Henley was volunteering at the hospital.
For some reason Henley came back day after day to sit with Rhys, but she didn’t understand that was making her do that.
When Rhys woke up, he didn’t expect Henley to be there. He also wouldn’t tell Henley the real reason why he was in the accident he was in. He didn’t tell her because that was the easiest way to keep her safe.
When Rhys needed someone to help him recover at home, he convinced Henley to be that person. One, to keep an eye on her and two, because there was something about her that he was drawn to.
Rhys has secrets though. Secrets that could put Henley in danger.
When Rhys approaches Henley with an offer, will she accept it or will she run in the other direction? What happens when the offer has more parts than Henley realized?
Lani knows how to keep you on your toes. She is the queen of making you want to throw a book across the room. This book as a lot of twists and turns. It will keep you guessing the entire time.

My Review: 

This book contains BDSM scenes. If you think you can not handle that, then this book might not be for you. 
If you can handle those kind of scenes….this book IS for you!
Roisin has a rough past. She has demons. She has made something of herself but she has never truly gotten over the past.
Roisin has always liked the darker side of things in life. When she gets the job to try and interview a BDSM photographer, she jumps at it.
Kain (Master K) separates his daily life and his night life. When his wife left him years ago, he found the BDSM life-style.
When a mysterious message come though on his photography page, he finds that he has an instant connection to this mystery person. Now to get her to agree to meet.
Roisin and Kain have instant chemistry. But is she ready for handle a true BDSM relationship? With the ghosts from her past, will she every truly be ready to have a BDSM relationship or will her past ruin her future?
What will happen when Kain finds out that Roisin hasn’t been 100% truthful?
Roisin and Kain have the relationship that everyone wants, BDSM or not. A relationship built on trust and honestly. You can see the love they have for each other.
Another great read from Dani Rene!

My Review: 

Raina and Lorne don’t come from sunshine and roses. Each of them has had a hard life.
Raina has spent her life with a mother who didn’t care about her and then taking care of her sister. When she met John she thought everything was going to change. It turns out everything did change, for the worse.
Lorne has just gotten out of prison after serving eight years for murdering a man who was involved with a terrible act that happened to his sister.
Raina and Lorne end up being brought together by his family.
They fight, they argue, they do things on purpose because they hate each other. But the more they were around each other, the more they realize they are the same.
They both have issues to work through. But will they be able to work together through their issues, or will the past come back and destroy everything?
This is the third book in the series and I really enjoyed it. I’m glad that I found this series and I can’t wait to read more from this author.

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  1. Great reviews you had an amazing reading month in October I only read five books in October hopefully I can do much better this month in November. Good Luck on your reading month for November, thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.


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