November Book Wrap-up

This was a VERY slow month for me. I only read 7 books this month.

But I had three 5 star reads this month, so I am happy about that!

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5 star

My Review:

This is a book that will push you out of your comfort zone. I will test your limits and will make you wonder if you can handle any more. But if you can handle it…….HOLY COW!!

I absolutely loved this book. It was dark and gritty but it also had a love story, a love story that touched your heart.

Drake has grown up with the devil. He has seen terrible things and has done terrible things. He tries to block out all the memories he can, but one thing he can’t forget was her. The way she looked. The way she made him feel. But she is gone now and the only people he can rely on are his brother Dante and his best friend River. (these is also a story there)

Caia has given up. She is done trying to fight the life she has now. Four years is a long time to spend with a monster. When her world starts to crumble more than it already has, she wonders how much more she can take.

Drake and Caia’s story is just beginning. Add in River, Harper, Raven, and Dante….and the story deepens even more.

This story is not sunshine and roses. The knight in the story isn’t always a prince, sometimes he’s an outcast, a bad man. But sometimes we need those bad men to take care of other bad men.

You never know what is going to happen next in this book and just when you think you do, everything changes.

I was able to connect with these characters. I was able to feel their pain and to also feel their happiness. You could tell that Dani wrote this story with her heart.

My Review:

So this is going to be a 5 star read for me. And here is why:

Landry Hill was born for a purpose, to help save her sister Lina. How would she do this? Donate her bone marrow. Problem is, Landry didn’t have a choice those first 18 years of her life about if she wanted to or not. Landry lost her childhood because of it.

And she ended up losing her husband too.

Wade loved Landry from the moment he saw her. She was everything he every wanted. But when her sister Lina shows up, Wade has to choose between the two women.

What Wade asked Landry to do broke their marriage apart. He didn’t understand her point of view on the issue and in the end, it cost them everything.

Wade and Landry had to watch each other live their lives. Wade watched another man moved in with Landry and Landry watched Wade still talk to her family. Neither one of them was happy. But too much had happened to fix their issues, or had it?

Nothing is what it seems in this book. There are so many twists and turns. So many OMG moments.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Lani book if she didn’t keep you on the edge of your seat at times.

I really enjoyed this story. I felt that you could really connect with the characters and you could feel their pain. I think the book flowed very well.

This is one for my favorite out of the last few books!!

P.S. …… I can’t wait for Hoax story!

My Review:

This is a dark romance. Read at your own risk.

This that being said…..HOLY SHIT! I loved this book!!!

Cole Heart has been though and seen things no person should ever have to experience in their life. Being captured while in the military completely changed Cole’s life. Being back home, even 10 years after, nothing seems right.

In his mind, she (Anta) needed to die. And to do that, he needed to get revenge for him and his 5 team members who didn’t make it.

How was he going to do this? By hunting, capturing, and destroying women who look like Anta. Five down, one to go.
Soul has not had an easy life. After finding her mother murdered, she was sent to live with and uncle. But after his death, she ended up with her cousin Alan, an outstanding lawyer and member of society. But everything was different behind closed doors.

When Soul is kidnapped by Cole, she has no idea what is going on but in her mind, she’s away from Alan and that is all that matter. At least if she dies, it’s not going to be by the hands of Soul.

“I was stolen from one monster and given to another.”

Soul was determined though to survive this. To not lose her life to another monster.

But what happens when everything changes?

What happens when the Soul starts to fall for her capture?

What happens when Cole starts to realize that his captive is unlike the others?

And then what happens when their world gets turned upside down?

This book was everything. The way K. Webster writes is like nothing I have ever read before. She makes the words come to life on the page and she knows how to suck you into the story.

I love how she isn’t afraid to write about scary, dark topics.

I can’t wait for the next book!!

4 star

My Review:

Okay….your going to see the 3 stars and think I didn’t like the book. That is not the case.

Penelope and Ryker have a college romance. She is a book worm, he is the star quarterback. His friends bet him that he can’t get her on a date. He loses. Then he decides he wants to help Penelope get the guy she has a crush on. Of course Ryker gets jealous when he sees her with this guy and makes a plan to win her for himself.

Overall the book was okay. The character development was pretty good. The story flowed well. My issue was the plot was very predictable. I knew the plot going into the book. But I was hoping it would be spiced up some. I was hoping that something extra would have been added to give it more life.

This book is good if you like those predictable plot lines or if you just need a simple, easy read. I was just looking for more out of it.

My Review:

Part 4 of the Blood Bond Saga gives you more details about what could be going on with Dante and Erin.
Dante finally fed on Erin. She wasn’t sure what was happening and when it finally clicked, she wasn’t sure how she felt about her boyfriend being a vampire or if she could even accept it at all. But their connection is so strong and she knows she can’t fight it.

“A blood bond.
Now more than ever, Erin Hamilton was mine.
Mine to love.
Mine to protect.
Mine to take nourishment from.
Mine to give back to.
And I would give Erin everything, everything within my power.”

The more Dante thinks about his past, the more he think he was let go on purpose but he has not idea what that purpose is.

Once Bonded, Never Broken. You will understand this quote as you read the story.

Then you have drama with Erin and her baby and when she is going to tell the baby’s dad.
Why does Jay have bite marks on his neck?
What is going on with Dr. Bonneville?
Why are people with B positive blood going missing?

Very sexy scenes. Helen knows how to write a sexy scene like no one else does.

Ready for part 5!!!

My Review:

Alex and Helen have a tough story.
A story of hate. A story of abandonment. A story of loss. A story of love. A story of forgiveness.

Helen Blackwood had her life turned upside down the day for father was arrested. Twelve years later, she is starting to get her life back on track. She still has a few things to work through but she has hope.
But everything changes when Alex Archer comes back into her life after being gone for 12 years.

Alex Archer is a determined businessman who is all work and no play. When meeting a client at a bar one night, he runs into Helen Blackwood.
Alex has hated Helen since the moment that her father stole money from his father. He believed Helen knew about it and did nothing to stop it.

Twelve years apart. Twelve years of hate. But there is something about Helen, something that Alex can’t resist.

This story isn’t all sunshine and roses. There are tears. There are mean words.
But there is also love and forgiveness.

I have loved this series. I ran across it randomly and I am so glad I picked it up!

3 star

My Review:

This book was previously published as Twisted Boundaries but parts have been changed and edits. And I read that book. But I went into this one with an open mind because it’s been a few years since I read the other book.

Birdie survived living with the devil. When she was found by the police when she was 5, she was like a skeleton. But the devil will be out of jail in the future and Birdie isn’t sure what she is going to do when that happens. But what she does know is that she wants to keep the people she cares about safe when he does get out, so she keeps her distance from people.

Cole has always had a crush on Birdie, but when she pushed him away, he left for the Marines and never looked back. When he returned home, under terrible circumstances, Birdie is thrown back into his life. He is determined to keep her safe from the devil.

This book was an okay read. There wasn’t anything wrong with the book but there wasn’t anything particularly special with this book.

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