January Book Wrap-Up

January was a very slow month for me.

I only read 5 books with month.

5 stars

My Review: 

I went into this book blind. I didn’t even read the blurb before I started it. and WOW!! I am so glad I did it that way.

This book was AMAZING. It touched my heart in places that haven’t been touched by a book in a long time.

This book is told from 3 POV’s. You start with Alix (present day) and Dylan (the past) . Smith (present day) will enter later.

Alix is a 911 dispatcher and an ex-paramedic. She is living life the best she can. But Alix has demons. Alix has fears. Alix has lived though events that would tear others apart.

Dylan is a private airplane pilot and knew from the moment he saw Alix that she was what he wanted. Dylan and Alix are total opposites. He has money, she lives payday to pay day. He loves the expensive things in life, she loves the simple things. But they make it work. They love hard and fast.

Then there is Smith. Smith is a lawyer. He had a rough childhood but that made him who he is today. Smith and Alix randomly meet one night when his friend over-doses and she helps save him tell the ambulance arrives. They end up talking and decided to go on a date.

But things aren’t that simple for Alix. She knows she can never give Smith all of her because of Dylan.

This story is so much more than I could have asked for. This are smiles and tears. Love and pain. You get to see real emotions. You get to see real life situations. This book isn’t sugar coated. It’s real and raw.


This is the first book I have read were a main character is a 911 dispatcher. My husband is a dispatcher and they always go unnoticed.

My Review: 

Loved this book!

Savannah and Mason met at Seven Sins. From the moment he saw her, he knew that she would be his. His submissive. His lover.
Savannah and Mason both have secrets. They are hiding secrets from each other.
But what happens when two people who shouldn’t fall in. Love?
Savannah is such a strong female character. She takes no crap, even though she is a submissive.
Mason might think he’s a bad guy, but deep down, he has a good heart. And Savannah brings that out in him.
What happens when Mason’s past comes back into his life?
What happens when Mason learns the secrets that Savannah has been hiding?

This book was very well written. There was really good character development. I think the story flowed very well.

Great job Dani!

4 stars

My Review: 

I really enjoyed Phoebe and Bayou’s story.

There was not a lot of action in this book but the story was so deep that I’m cool with it. 😉

Bayou has Asperger’s and he is open about it. He knows it is part of his life and he doesn’t really try to hide it.

Phoebe is one of the only people who ever accepted Bayou as he was with no questions.

This story has flashbacks and those flashbacks help build the back story.

I just fell in love with Bayou. His heart, his compassion (even when he didn’t realize it), I just loved everything about him.

I love that it was an insta-love but then again it wasn’t.

Overall, I don’t have anything to complain about with the book. I enjoyed it. The story line was solid.

I’m happy with it!

My Review: 

What in the world did I just read?

Lowen Ashleigh is offered the chance of a lifetime, co-write with bestselling Verity Crawford. Problem is Verity is injured and Lowen will have to pick up where she left of with very little help. Lowen is not sure about this offer at first but she decides to do it because she needs the money.

What Lowen doesn’t expect it so find Verity’s manuscript. As she reads the manuscript, she learns that Verity is hiding secrets. Very dark and twisted secrets. Lowen knows that Jeremy, Verity’s husband doesn’t know about the manuscript and she knows she can’t tell him.

But the more time Verity spend in the Crawford home, the more she senses something is not right. There are more secrets in the Crawford home than anyone could have ever imagined.

But everything is not as it seems. There are plot twists. There are secrets reveled. And some of them will shock you. At the end you will not know what to believe.

This book was really good. I think there was really good character development. I think the story flowed and it kept me at the edge of my seat. I never knew what was going to happen next.

The reasons that this book did not get 5 stars was because I felt one of the plot twists was to easy to figure out and I really wish we would have had some chapters from Jeremy’s POV.

My Review: 

** spoiler alert **

This was such an interesting read. I think the main reason it was so interesting was because Joe, the main male character, was talking to Beck, the main female character, during the entire book, even though she didn’t know he was talking to her.

“YOU walk into the bookstore and you keep your hand on the door to make sure it doesn’t slam.”

Joe talks to Beck like this throughout the entire book.

“You sneeze” “You’re flirting.”

This took some time to get used to but once I did, I think it added to the story.

Joe Goldberg is a bookstore owner. When Guinevere Beck steps into his bookstore, she has no idea that she just gained a stalker.

Three months ago, before you knew me you wrote this tweet: Can we all be honest and admit we know #eecummings because of #Hannahandhersisters? Okay phew. #nomoreBS #endofpretension. See how you were talking to me before you even knew me?

Joe believes she loves him, even before she knew who he really was. He thinks that everything she does, even when she is at home, is for him. He thinks she is giving him signs that she wants him.

Eventually they do start a relationship but it is not a very healthy one. Beck has secrets and Joe does whatever he need to do to figure them out. And I mean WHATEVER he needs to do.

Throw in some side characters: best-friends, ex’s, doctors, parents and you have a disaster in the making. Why? Because Joe is possessive and will do whatever he needs to do to make sure he is the main person in your life.

This book was a book that took me a few days to read. I usually speed through books but this one took me longer. Why? I’m not sure. I liked the book. I felt the writing, although different, was still very good. I just ended up putting the book down a lot and picking it up later on in the day.

Overall though, this was a good read. I’ve been wanting to read it for years now and just never picked it up. I am glad that I did.

If you like thriller, stalkers, not knowing what is going to happen next, then you will like this book.

I’ve also been told that the audio to this book is AMAZING (I’m not an audio fan but I have friends that are).

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  1. I need these books iny life! I’m a big fan of Lani Lynn Vale and love most of her books. I haven’t had much time to read lately but definitely adding these books toy TBR list.


  2. When Ashes Fall had the same effect on me. It was amazing. I have not read the others. I am watching YOU on Netflix at the moment, I didn’t read the review because of spoilers, but if it follows the book then it is really good and chilling.


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