March Book Wrap-Up

Hello ya’ll!

In March I read 10 books. Not a bad amount but I need to pick up the pace to reach my goal of 150 this year.

Here are my March reads.

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5 stars

My Review:

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!! The feels in this book!!!

I have been waiting to Liner’s story for what seems like forever now and it did not disappoint.

Turner and Castiel have not gotten along since they first time they met each other, when Castiel gave Turner a speeding ticket.

As you read you learn that both Turner and Castiel have not had the easiest lives, for different reasons.

When the pieces of life get thrown together, Castiel becomes Turners rock. He is there for her.

But is their new connection enough to survive what life is going to through at them.

This book is probably the most emotional book I have read in a long time. I absolutely balled my eyes out in this book. The topic Lani talks about hits very near to my heart. I have no idea how she wrote some of those scenes but they were wonderful!

Throw in a strange man around town and you have yourself an amazing book.

This book completely killed my emotions!!!!

I really, really loved this book. I could tell Lani put her heart into this book.

Defiantly a 5 star read for me.

4 stars

My Review:

Book two of The Elite Seven series did not disappoint.

Mason had a rough childhood. After his parents were killed, Mason and his sister went into the foster care system. But life in the system isn’t always the best. Luckily Mason made a friend in Micah, a friend that will show back up later in his life.

When things take a turn for the worse with his new foster family, Mason finds himself in trouble. Trouble that actually never happened. All of this trouble is thanks to his foster mom Lillian. (If you read Lust, you have already met Lillian.)

Lillian wants Mason to follow her “rules”, she wants him to do whatever she says, and if he doesn’t she will get him out of jail. Mason says no at first but then Lillian brings up his sister and Mason will do whatever he needs to do to protect his sister Evelyn, even if that means playing by Lillian’s rules.

Lillian wants Mason to run the Elite Seven, to be the leader over its seven new members (including himself). She knows his “PRIDE” will keep him in line. That he won’t cross her.

Mason has a random one night stand with a woman he meets at a bar. A woman that drove him crazy, but he never imagined he would see her again. A woman he never imagined would be his “task” to gain membership into the Elite Seven and keep his sister safe. A woman that would be one of his college professors. Megan Benedict.

The problem? Mason has a heart. He realizes he can’t do what Lillian wants him to do and he has to figure out a way out of it. He realizes the closer he gets to Megan, the more he cares about her.

Why does Lillian want to take Megan down?

What did Megan ever do to Lillian?

What happens when everything takes a turn for the worse?

Is Lillian the only one pulling the strings or is there someone above her?

Pride was a really good read. I got to learn more about the Elite Seven and more about some of the other characters. J.D.’s writing is spot-on and I think Mason and Megan have some really good character development and growth throughout the book.

I am really enjoying this series and I am excited for Wrath’s book.

My Review:

This was a cute taboo treat.
August and Winter have known each other for years. Winter is friends with August’s daughter.
When Winters dad kicks her out of the house, August takes her in.
Winter has had a crush on August for years.
What will happen with them living together?
Will lines be crossed?
DUHHHH!!! They will be!!! If not, this wouldn’t be a taboo treat!

This was another great taboo treat. I’m excited to see what’s next!

My Review:

So this is the second book in a duet. You HAVE to read the first book to understand this one.

This book starts where the last one left off….Gabrielle’s hotel is on fire.

Julian thinks the worst. What if Gabrielle is dead? Was his dad behind the fire? Is anyone else hurt?

What Julian doesn’t realize is that even though he didn’t lose Gabrielle in the fire, he did lose a part of her. Now he is determined to keep her safe and figure out who was behind the fire.

Gabrielle has lost more than any person should. She is not only dealing with the lose of a friend but now she has to deal with Julian being clingy and over protective.

But knowing her life is in danger, Gabrielle does what she needs to do to keep herself safe, even if she doesn’t like it.

But what will happen when Gabrielle is threatened? Will Julian be able to keep her safe this time or will he finally lose her all together?

I will say that I wish the “big event” that we were waiting for the entire time would have happened differently but I am just glad it happened.

This book is told more from Julian’s POV then Gabrielle’s. I like seeing what is going on in his head. He comes off as an asshole but you can tell he really does care, even when it is hard to see.

Overall, I really enjoyed this duet. Eva was a new author to me and I can’t wait to read more of her work.

I am so ready for Smith’s book!!!

My Review:

Raleigh and Ezra have such a cute, sweet story.

First off, I love that they are teachers. As a teacher, I feel that we rarely get written about in books (at least not in a good light)

Raleigh is such a sweet heart. She is clumsy. She makes mistakes. She is a real person. I love that she isn’t a “perfect” woman. That she is normal and has flaws.

Ezra…. honestly I was mad at him at first. He didn’t notice Raleigh before an incident at Target even though have have been working together.

But….I feel in love with Ezra, so I forgave him. I loved Ezra’s heart. He really showed that there are still good men out there.

What happens when another teacher is out to get Raleigh? What happens when an experience in Raleigh’s past comes back to haunt her?

There was a student in the book, Morgan, who broke my heart, and once you read the book, you will understand why. But Morgan was so courageous and showed you can push through everything.


This was such a fun, sweet read. I really enjoyed this book. I think that it is very light hearted read and sometimes people need those lighthearted books that just make you really happy, and this book did that for me.

My Review:

This book involves three people: Oliver – the Dom. Cayleigh – the Submissive. Chance – the Switch. If you don’t know what these words mean…..You are either in for a learning experience or this might be the wrong book for you.

Oliver doesn’t love. He controls. He regulates. He dominates. But he doesn’t love.

Cayleigh knows what she wants. She wants to be dominated. She wants to be shown how to live that life. But she also knows she has bigger plans for herself.

Chance wants love. And there is one person that he has always loved, Oliver. But he knows he can’t have him in that way.

But what happens when Oliver gives Cayleigh and Chance both the opportunity to learn from him. To experience what it is like to be a Dom and and Sub.

Will Oliver be able to let his guard down and find love? Will Cayleigh find what she is looking for? Will Chance be able to break down Oliver’s walls and get the love he wants and needs?

I don’t read many M/M books but I am glad I read this one. Oliver, Chance, and Cayleigh are a great combination. They each have something the others want.

I think that there was really good character development and I think this book can open someones eyes to something new.

Great job Dani!

My Review:

Jackson and Andi meet in a bar one night. After a weekend of fun, they go their separate ways only to find themselves working together.
How is Andi going to handle being around Jackson all the time? How is she going to ha sleep his mood swings? What about his secrets?
This was a good book. There were some pretty hot scenes and overall the storyline was solid.

My Review:

Pepper (Elizabeth) and Jordan have a sweet story.
Pepper is on edge over an event from her pat and never lets anyone in. Jordan is a good guy who will do whatever it takes to get Pepper to trust him.

This was a sweet story with some very sexy scenes.

My Review:

On to book three…WRATH.

Samuel stole a piece of my heart.

Even though he grew up with privilege, Samuel did not have an easy childhood. His dad hated him, blaming him their his mothers death. This grandparents despised him. He reminded them of his mother, who they believed was not worthy.

The only person who has every loved Samuel was his twin sister Sabelle. And she is the only person he has ever loved. But there is someone from his past he has always cared about. Even though she is now gone, she has never left his mind.

Samuel is a fighter. Underground fighting is his specialty. Fighting is also the reason he has been kicked out of many schools. When his father gets him into a prestigious college, he is torn. He knows this college is connected to the Elite and he wants to join them, but he also doesn’t want to make his father happy by going.

Samuel realizes he needs the Elite to be able to take his father down. That he can’t do it on his own. That he has to play the game to be able to get the prize at the end. What Samuel didn’t realize is that joining the Elite was going to be the hardest thing he has ever done.

What does Samuel have to do? He has to destroy the only other women besides his sister he has ever cared about. But can he do it?

What happens when things get to tough and he realizes he can’t? Will his second option be better? Or will everything turn out worse than he could imagine?

Plus….what happens with one of this Elite “brothers” lets him down and makes everything worse.

I enjoyed Wrath’s book. I felt that Samuel had a good heart even when he tried to hid it but I could also feel his pain. The pain and guilt he carried with himself from such a young age.

This book does contain a scene that could be a trigger for some people towards the end of the book.

Now to Envy….and I think this one is going to be twisted.

My Review:

So this novella was hot and steamy and sexy.
Skyla works at a night club, Inferno. An elite club for the rich. And she has no problems with it. Why? Because here she is able to make her own decisions here. Able to decide what she wants to do and what she doesn’t want to do.
And Skyla hasn’t always had that option in life.
There was a time in her life when she was “Caged” and not able to make her own choices.
Kael is an artist but that hasn’t always been his life.
His life has been dark. Helping with the family business has been what he knew for most of his life.
But now that he’s out, he is on his own.
When his brother invite him to Inferno for the night, he knows he shouldn’t but he does anyway.

What happens when Kael sees someone from her past?
What happens when she doesn’t recognize him?
What happens when he tell her the truth?
Will she be able to handle it or will it undo her?

This book does end with a cliff hanger.

There are some very dark BDSM scenes in his book.

Overall I enjoyed this novella. Now to read the next book to see how it ends.

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