Top 10 Authors I’m Dying To Meet

These are the top 10 authors I am dying to meet. (There are many more but I had to choose 10!)


K. Webster

What can I saw about this author…… Every time I message her, she always replies. She is always so sweet and will answer any question I ask, and sometimes I have A LOT of questions!!

I love that she cares about her readers. She is part of the book club I am in and she is active and participates with us.

I love that she doesn’t take shit from anyone and stands her ground. This might be my favorite thing about her.

She never feels bad the books she writes. She writes with so much heart and you can tell that when you read her books.

I have read 42 of her books and I am working on number 43 right now!!!

K. Webster is in my top 3 favorite authors ever!

My favorite 4 book by K. Webster are:


Lani Lynn Vale

Lani, Lani, Lani…..there is so much I can say about her.

As a BETA reader for Lani, I have a lot of interaction with her that most readers don’t get.

She is sassy, funny, and very encouraging. She is a runner, like me, and she is always there to give inspiring words.

She is one of the sweetest people I know.

I have read almost every Lani book that is out there. There are 5 that I have not read but there are two that I have read that aren’t out yet. So….I have read 63 of Lani’s books. I would say with the number there, she is defiantly one of my favorite authors.

Lani is an amazing author and an amazing person.

My favorite 4 book by Lani Lynn Vale are:


Helen Hardt

I found Helen Hardt because a friend of mine recommend the Steel Brothers Saga, and boy am I glad she did. The Steel Brothers Saga is probably one of my favorite series EVER!!!!!

The times I have talked to Helen, she has always been sweet and kind. You can tell she really cares about her readers.

My favorite 4 book by Helen Hardt are:


Kandi Steiner

I accidentally came across Kandi because Amazon recommended her book Weightless, and I absolutely loved it.

Kandi’s books written with so much passion. You can tell she makes sure her words are perfect. She knows how to connect with the readers though her books.

Kandi is always nice to her fans online and she is also very interactive with them, letting them see the “real” Kandi as she shares her life with her readers.

My favorite 4 book by Kandi Steiner are:


Ker Dukey

I found Ker Dukey from reading The Pretty Dolls Series she wrote with K. Webster.

From then….. I have never stopped reading her. 16 books later and I’m still loving her work.

Ker isn’t afraid to push boundaries. She isn’t afraid to take you out of your comfort zone and I love that about her.

My favorite 4 book by Ker Dukey are:

4491649 (1).jpg

Alta Hensley 

Alta is the queen of dark.

Her books are dark and gritty and amazing!

She pushes you to the limit in her books and then sometimes she pushes you over the limit. You think you know the plot and then she shocks you. I have had so many “OMG” moments with her books.

My favorite 4 book by Alta Hensley are:


Brittainy C. Cherry 

This girl…. she knows how to rip your heart out and then put it back together piece by piece.

I have never read an author like Brittainy. Her words are so powerful and they leave you wanting more. You never want her stories to stop.

Just when I think she can’t out-do her last book, she does.

My favorite 4 book by Brittainy C. Cherry are:

dani rene

Dani Rene 

Dani is another author I found from reading K. Webster.

I have now read 17 of Dani’s books with in a year.

I love that her books are dark and dangerous. I love that she isn’t afraid to take risks in her books.

My favorite 4 book by Dani Rene are:


J.L. Drake 

Jodi Drake is great!

She’s thoughtful, funny, and witty.

I found Jodi from an Amazon recommendation and I am so glad that I did!!

Her books have never let me down.

My favorite 4 book by J.L. Drake are:

5400988 (1).jpg

Marni Mann 

You never know what you are going to get with Marni Mann.

You might get super sexy.

You might get dark and creepy.

Or you might get a combination of both.

Marni’s books are so amazing and if you haven’t read her yet you are missing out.

My favorite 4 book by Marni Mann are:

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  1. These are all new authors to me. Thanks for sharing and I hope you get to meet some of them soon.
    Gemma @ Gemma’s Book Nook


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