The Elite Seven


Lust: 4 stars 

Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust.

The Seven Deadly Sins, or in this case The Elite Seven.


Choosing leaders for this society takes intense focus. Only seven are to be selected, and the investment and time are showered upon the new seven chosen every four years.

Once in The Elite Seven, there is no getting out. The money and power are their reward. Should they choose to stray or break the rules, the society strips them of everything.

Rhett has always wanted to be in The Elite Seven, since the first time he heard about them. After going through a terrible loss, Rhett felt that The Elite Seven was how his life would change. But he had to get into it first, and he had no clue if he would be picked or not.

When Rhett and his friend God (it’s a nickname) are asked to join The Elite Seven, they are told they have to complete a task before they can enter. 22277ad68b89665b044fe2d705930c94

What is Rhett’s task? You’ll have to read to find out. But let’s just say that he is not happy at all about his task. And this task has to do with a girl he has started to bond with, Chastity.

Will this task tear him and Chastity apart? Will he be able to do this task or will he lose his opportunity to be in The Elite Seven?

This was a great start to The Elite Seven series. I cannot wait to see what the next 6 books hold!!!

Pride: 4 stars 

Book two of The Elite Seven series did not disappoint.49737011_756342971406066_8031765628296866936_n

Mason had a rough childhood. After his parents were killed, Mason and his sister went into the foster care system. But life in the system isn’t always the best. Luckily Mason made a friend in Micah, a friend that will show back up later in his life.

When things take a turn for the worse with his new foster family, Mason finds himself in trouble. Trouble that actually never happened. All of this trouble is thanks to his foster mom Lillian. (If you read Lust, you have already met Lillian.)

Lillian wants Mason to follow her “rules”, she wants him to do whatever she says, and if he doesn’t she will get him out of jail. Mason says no at first but then Lillian brings up his sister and Mason will do whatever he needs to do to protect his sister Evelyn, even if that means playing by Lillian’s rules.

Lillian wants Mason to run the Elite Seven, to be the leader over its seven new members (including himself). She knows his “PRIDE” will keep him in line. That he won’t cross her.

Mason has a random one night stand with a woman he meets at a bar. A woman that drove him crazy, but he never imagined he would see her again. A woman he never imagined would be his “task” to gain membership into the Elite Seven and keep his sister safe. A woman that would be one of his college professors. Megan Benedict.

The problem? Mason has a heart. He realizes he can’t do what Lillian wants him to do and he has to figure out a way out of it. He realizes the closer he gets to Megan, the more he cares about her.


Why does Lillian want to take Megan down?

What did Megan ever do to Lillian?

What happens when everything takes a turn for the worse?

Is Lillian the only one pulling the strings or is there someone above her?

Pride was a really good read. I got to learn more about the Elite Seven and more about some of the other characters. J.D.’s writing is spot-on and I think Mason and Megan have some really good character development and growth throughout the book.

I am really enjoying this series and I am excited for Wrath’s book.

Wrath: 4 stars 

On to book three…WRATH.

Samuel stole a piece of my heart.

Even though he grew up with privilege, Samuel did not have an easy childhood. His dad hated him, blaming him their his mothers death. This grandparents despised him. He reminded them of his mother, who they believed was not worthy.

The only person who has every loved Samuel was his twin sister Sabelle. And she is the only person he has ever loved. But there is someone from his past he has always cared about. Even though she is now gone, she has never left his mind.


Samuel is a fighter. Underground fighting is his specialty. Fighting is also the reason he has been kicked out of many schools. When his father gets him into a prestigious college, he is torn. He knows this college is connected to the Elite and he wants to join them, but he also doesn’t want to make his father happy by going.

Samuel realizes he needs the Elite to be able to take his father down. That he can’t do it on his own. That he has to play the game to be able to get the prize at the end. What Samuel didn’t realize is that joining the Elite was going to be the hardest thing he has ever done.

What does Samuel have to do? He has to destroy the only other women besides his sister he has ever cared about. But can he do it?

What happens when things get to tough and he realizes he can’t? Will his second option be better? Or will everything turn out worse than he could imagine?

Plus….what happens with one of this Elite “brothers” lets him down and makes everything worse.


I enjoyed Wrath’s book. I felt that Samuel had a good heart even when he tried to hid it but I could also feel his pain. The pain and guilt he carried with himself from such a young age.

This book does contain a scene that could be a trigger for some people towards the end of the book.

Now to Envy….and I think this one is going to be twisted.

Envy: 3 stars 

Sebastian is one of a kind.

After his parents died, Sebastian went to live with his uncle, who was not an upstanding citizen. Once he was with his uncle, he never wanted for anything. Except for love. He always wanted to be loved.


When his uncle gave him an ultimatum after an accident, go to college at St. Augustine college and find a way to join the Elite Seven, Sebastian really had no other choice.

Sebastian finds his way into the Elite Seven but it’s not all roses for him. And it gets more complicated when he meets Sabella, Sam’s sister.

He becomes obsessed with her. He wants her. He wants her to love him. He envies her and the life he wants with her.

What what happens when he finds out she doesn’t? What happens when he makes a mistake?


Sebastian is Envy for many reasons you will learn about as you read.

The reason I gave this book 3 stars was because I didn’t connect with Sebastian. He was an asshole and there was absolutely no part of him that I liked. Sometimes I like the bad guys, but not this time.

Gluttony: 5 stars

Onto God’s story and it is my favorite one so far.

Baxter Samuel Goddard (God) the fifth. The boy who had everything growing up and never wanted for anything.

You find out early in the story why God’s sin is Gluttony, it is because of this father. Everything with his father is alway in excess, no matter what it is. And in some ways, God wants so be nothing like his father. You learn that God’s father can do whatever he wants and can get whatever he wants. Which can be both good and bod for God.

Another thing you find out about God is that he doesn’t really care of he joins the Elite Seven or not, he’s only doing it because of this father.

On the night when God was competing his task given to him by the Elite, he hits an innocent girl walking home from work. While she is in the hospital, God refuses to leave his side. Everyone tells him to give up on her, but he can’t give up on this girl, even though he doesn’t know her.


How will this girl play into God’s life? Will she be able to change him for the good or will she end up being used against him?

This book is about change. Changes God makes in his life. Changes that are happening in the Elite.

HOLY COW!!!! There is a scene in this book that I was so excited about. When you read the scene, you will understand.

I like how this book was dual POV. Most of it was form God’s POV but some of it was from the mystery girls POV.

K. Webster did a great job with this book. I felt that the character development was spot on. I don’t think she rushed the story at all and I feel that she did a great job getting us ready for the next book, Sloth.

Can’t wait to read the next 2 books and see how it ends.

Sloth: 4 stars

Rush Dempsey has always known about The Elite Seven. Since he was little, he knew they were powerful. He is convened that they had something to do with his mother death. But how does he prove that? He becomes a member of The Elite Seven.

His father sees him as the “worthless” son. The son that always makes the bad decisions. But Rush is out to prove his father wrong. He is out to take down The Elite and his father and his new Elite brothers are there to help.

When he gets his task from The Elite, he is a bit confused.

Ruin the Archbishop’s daughter.

But the task doesn’t make since. This task would mess up his father’s Senate campaign. Why would The Elite want to do that?


Isabelle has always been the good little church girl.

Always follows the rules, always listens to her dad, the Archbishop of New Orleans, and always does what God would want her to do.

But her dad was not the godly man he pretended to be. He was mean and violent. Physical and demanding.

When her father has her go on a date with Ward Dempsey, Rush’s father, she know she has no way out of it. It’s all a political game to them and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process.

When Rush finds this out, he knows there is no way he can let that happen. So he decides to claims her as his own.

What he didn’t realize was that she was going to change his life. She was going to show him the good in him and in return, he was going to show her the “bad” in her.


They would be a team and work together to take down The Elite.

What happens when The Elite leaders start to fall? Is there enough evidence to take everyone down or will someone at the top survive?

I really like Rush and Isabelle’s story. I enjoyed their connection and I felt that they had really good character development as the story progressed.

I loved seeing parts of the others books mixed into this one. Seeing different points of view of events that happened.

I am so excited for Greed to see how the story ends.

Greed: 5 stars

What an ending! Greed tied all the stories together and it gave us the closure we needed.

Micah was the perfect person to be “Greed”. He wanted everything but didn’t want to have to give up anything to get it. He did end up giving up a few things, but his name “Greed”, won out in the end. It was wild ride to get to the end of this story.

Micah lost his best friend Mason and Mason’s sister Evie two years ago. When Evie reappears, he wants to know where she has been. When she is not forth coming of this information, he is determined to find out what happened to the Evie he used to know.

Micah learns about The Elite Seven and realizes that the only way he is ever going to get answers was to become a member. And so he did. But he also realizes that he needs to take The Elite Seven down. But can he do it?

What Micah doesn’t know is that while he is trying to figure out what is going on with Evie, a new person will be dropped into his life. I person he though was gone forever. A person that will change his life. 59478641_1353961411429311_2236261979902033873_n

Micah starts to form a connection with this person. But it’s a secret he has to keep. He can’t tell anyone because it would not be safe for the girl.

What happens when things start to fall apart? What happens when the people he is trying to take down outplay him?

Will he be able to continue his mission? Will he be able to give the justice that “she” deserves? Will he be able to free Evie from her demon? Can he do it all?


I really enjoyed this story. I think that K. Webster and Ker Dukey did a great job co-writing this book. I think that they tied all the pieces together perfectly.

I am sad this series is over, but i enjoyed it while it lasted.


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