May Book Wrap-Up

Hey ya’ll!

May was a slow month for me. With it being the last month of school, I was crazy busy. I only read 9 books in May. I plan to kick butt in reading this summer!!!

Below are my May books and my review for each book!

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5 stars

My Review: 

What an ending! Greed tied all the stories together and it gave us the closure we needed.

Micah was the perfect person to be “Greed”. He wanted everything but didn’t want to have to give up anything to get it. He did end up giving up a few things, but his name “Greed”, won out in the end. It was wild ride to get to the end of this story.

Micah lost his best friend Mason and Mason’s sister Evie two years ago. When Evie reappears, he wants to know where she has been. When she is not forth coming of this information, he is determined to find out what happened to the Evie he used to know.

Micah learns about The Elite Seven and realizes that the only way he is ever going to get answers was to become a member. And so he did. But he also realizes that he needs to take The Elite Seven down. But can he do it?

What Micah doesn’t know is that while he is trying to figure out what is going on with Evie, a new person will be dropped into his life. I person he though was gone forever. A person that will change his life.
Micah starts to form a connection with this person. But it’s a secret he has to keep. He can’t tell anyone because it would not be safe for the girl.

What happens when things start to fall apart? What happens when the people he is trying to take down outplay him?

Will he be able to continue his mission? Will he be able to give the justice that “she” deserves? Will he be able to free Evie from her demon? Can he do it all?

I really enjoyed this story. I think that K. Webster and Ker Dukey did a great job co-writing this book. I think that they tied all the pieces together perfectly.

I am sad this series is over, but i enjoyed it while it lasted.

4 stars

My Review: 

This is my first reverse harem book and I’m glad I choose K. Webster and Ker Dukey to be my first.

Clover’s dad is in politics. After her mom dies, he gets her a new security detail. Four highly trained men; Sebastian, Leo, Ford, and Zac.

As Clover ages, she grows closer to all the men, each in a different way.

When an attempt is made on her life, the men think it is best to get Clover away from her father until they can sort out who tried to kill her.

Sebastian has fallen in love with Clover. Over the years, his feelings for her have grown but he knows he can’t act on it.

But now that he is in a house with her 24 hours a day, he finds it hard to stop himself. He also know that the other 3 men have feelings for her too. And Sebastian is okay with that, he is okay with sharing her. But would she be okay with that?

Throw in an ex-girlfriend, some very sexy scenes, and a bit of “who did it” and you have yourself a good story.

This story was different than other “romance” stories that I have read because of the amount of people involved. But, I think that it was written very well and that the storyline was really good.

My Review: 

Book 2 in the Lost Planet Series.

Calix has always had a drawl to Emery. Since the moment she arrived on his planet, she knew where was something special about her.

Emery is sick. Asthma is what they call it on earth but in space, she has no medicine.

When Calix decides he is going to fix Emery, he breaks the rules. When Calix decides he is taking her to Sector 1779 to try and fix her, he is met with opposition, but the others know they need to technology at the old abandoned sector.

Calix and Emery was so sweet together. You can tell her cares for her. That he wantsto fix her, even if it is the last thing he ever does.

Add in some sexy scenes and a bad alien and you have a pretty good story.

Now to wait for Draven’s story.

My Review: 


When Jack sees Stacy sending an email about auctioning off her virginity, he knows he was to intervene.
What he doesn’t know is he just set off a series of events that will grave him betting to get her, so someone else doesn’t.
But is that what Stacy wants? Especially after Jack is a jerk to her.
This was a very fast paced story. The main part takes place in like 3/4 days. It’s unrealistic but this is fiction, so that is okay.


My Review: 

Rush Dempsey has always known about The Elite Seven. Since he was little, he knew they their powerful. He is convened they had something to do with his mother death. But how does he prove that? He needs to become a member of The Elite Seven.
His father sees him as the “worthless” son. The son that always makes the bad decisions.
But Rush is out to prove his father wrong. He is out to take down The Elite and his new Elite brothers are there to help.

When he gets his task from The Elite, he is a bit confused.
Ruin the Archbishop’s daughter.
But the task doesn’t make since.
This task would mess up his father Senate campaign.
Why would The Elite want to do that?

Isabelle has always been the good little church girl.
Always follows the rules, always listens to her dad, the Archbishop of New Orleans, and always does what God would want her to do.
But her dad was not the godly man he pretended to be. He was mean and violent. Physical and demanding.

When her father has her go on a date with Ward Dempsey, Rush’s father, she know she has no way out of it. It’s all a political game to them and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process.

When Rush finds this out, he knows there is no way he can let that happen. So he decides to claims her as his own.

What he didn’t realize was that she was going to change his life. She was going to show him the good in him and in return, he was going to show her the “bad” in her.

They would be a team and work together to take down The Elite.

What happens when The Elite leaders start to fall?
Is there enough evidence to take everyone down or will someone at the top survive?

I really like Rush and Isabelle’s story. I enjoyed their connection and I felt that they had really good character development as the story progressed.

I loved seeing parts of the others books mixed into this one. Seeing different points of view of events that happened.

I am so excited for Greed to see how the story ends.

My Review: 

Emma and Evan have known each other since they were little. Both of them have feeling for the other but neither one has ever said anything to the their about it.
When Emma joins an auction to help out a fellow sorority sister, Evan isn’t happy.
What happens when the auction doesn’t go Evans way? What happens when Emma finds something out before she learns it’s not the truth?
This was a cute story. It’s isn’t really an insta-love story because they have known each other for years.
For a short story, it was good.

My Review: 

I absolutely love Marni Mann and her books. She never disappoints me and this was another wonderful book by her.

Jesse and Emery Black have the perfect life. Married for 24 years. Two very successful jobs. Two beautiful, wonderful children. Two different homes. What more could they want.

Jesse has just pulled back from her business to spend time with her kids and husband more when Emery gets a huge job designing a building in Boston. Jesse knows it’s time for him to get an assistant to help with everything – enter Charlotte Scott.

Jesse feels that Charlotte is the perfect assistant for her husband. She is smart, hard-working, persistent, everything Jesse wanted in an assistant for her husband. What Charlotte also is is very pretty. (You read that and you think you know exactly where this book is going don’t you?)

And when you think you have it figured out…… well…… just wait…. because you don’t.

I don’t want to say too much because I feel that you need to go into this book kinda blind in able to enjoy the full experience of the book.

This book is told from 4 points of view: Jesse (before), Jesse (after), Emery, and Charlotte (in 3rd person).

You need all these pieces and POV’s to make the story come full circle.

Marni knows how to write her characters so that you can connect with them. She writes them as everyday people and I feel that helps the readers make those connections with the characters that much easier.

I went back and forth from 4 stars to 5 stars. I chose 4 stars for one reason, I needed just a little bit more of something. Don’t get me wrong, the book was really, really good. But I am have stingy with my 5 stars.

My Review: 

I think Slate and Harleigh had a very cute story.

Slate had been though so much. Losing his partner while working (Slate was a cop) was terrible, but when that partner was also his fiancé, that totally devastated him. And in return Slate made a split second decision that ended with him in prison.

Harleigh has been through her own trauma. She hates sleeping inside and likes to sleep in her neighbors hammock. Her neighbor doesn’t live here anyways.

Harleigh and Slate unofficially met years ago (when he was in prison) but she had no idea he owned the house next door, he owned the hammock she likes to sleep in until he got out of prison.

Harleigh and Slate do not get along at first but after so long they start to grow a relationship. They fight like cats and dogs at times but they also end up loving each other so hard.

What happens when things start happening? What happens when someone from the past comes back?

You get to see old characters and you get to better understand some scenes from the last book.

Throw in Dre and his story, which adds to the plot.

PLOT TWIST!!!!!! I never saw this plot twist coming. I also never would have guessed who the bad guy was!

And I hope Tray gets a story!!

Overall….. I enjoyed the book. I think they had a cute story. It was a easy story to read and I think it is a good read when you need some maybe not as “heavy” as some of Lani’s other books.

3 stars

My Review: 


Matt and Caroline have kinda of an insta-love story.
I gave it 3 stars because I just didn’t connect with the characters.
The story was cute but it lacked something for me.

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  1. The Assistant looks up my alley. And I’ve seen you posting about the Elite Seven books before… I’m definitely interested.


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