Top 5 – Red Covers

For my Top 5 today, I am doing my favorite book covers with red or mostly red.

I am only doing books that I have read.

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El Malo by K. Webster-

This cover!! First off… this is an only female cover. That is not done very often nowadays. Most covers are either a couple or just a man. That is one reason I love this cover. Another is that I think the cover is sexy without pushing too far. I think it has great balance. I wish more authors would use females on their covers.

Make Me Stay – Sidney Halston

What a cover! I picked this cover because I love all the different elements of it. If you have read the book, you know the main setting is in a nightclub and I think the city street part of the cover does a great job displaying that. The couple hugging is also a big part of this book. Matt and June (April) don’t have a typical love story. The hugging is showing that they are “staying” where they are.

The Lie – Karina Halle


Brigs and Natasha both have their worlds shattered. When life brings them back together, the “lie” is what could tear them apart. This book has all the “feels” and you can tell that from the cover. I love the red and blue together. I feel that it show two different colors (or people) coming together as one.

You – Caroline Kepnes

This book….. what to say about it. This is the original cover before they changed it to the characters from the TV show. If you have read the book, you might agree with me that I feel that the red on the cover is for blood. Blood that will be shed. Blood that will be lost. I like that it is a simple cover. No half naked men. Nothing fancy. But it does its job and it pulls you in.

Blood Bond Saga – Helen Hardt

I think the title of this book says it all “Blood”. Blood is red. So why not a red cover. This books is about a family of vampires that live in todays world. No one knows their secret. Dante (vampire) and Erin (human) create a “blood bond” but this story is so much more than just that. But Dante already has a blood bond with someone else. Blood is like a main character in this book, so nothing other than red would have worked.

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