Top 5 – Longest Books

Sometimes when you read you want a long book. Something you can really get into. But when is long, too long?

Below are the 5 longest books I have ever read.

Some good. Some not so good. (In my opinion)
This is based of Kindle pages.

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770 Kindle Pages

3 stars 

I gave this book 3 stars for many reasons. First, I want to say I did enjoy the story but I feel like it was drag out longer than it should’ve been. I think this book could have been 400/450 pages and still be a great story. Second, I love dual POV but there were times in the book when it would switch from one person to another and it confused me because it wasn’t clear who was talking.

673 Kindle Pages

4 stars 

This is a SLOWWWWW burn. I am usually not the biggest fan of slow burns, but this one worked. Vanessa is Aiden Graves assistant. After two years she decides she wants more in life and quits. Aiden is lost without her and shows up at her door a few weeks later. But he needs a favor. What is the favor? You’ll have to read to find out.

670 Kindle Pages

4 stars

Diana Casillas went from an aunt to a single mom overnight. When she moves to a new neighborhood with her two nephews, she meets her new neighbor Dallas Walker.

Diana and Dallas started out as enemies, then to friends, then to lovers. This story was so good. These two went together so well and deserved each other.

568 Kindle Pages

5 stars

Where do I begin with this book…….. I loved it . This book talks about so many issues. And I can honestly say that while I read this book I cried. Having lost two very close members of my family in the past six months reading certain parts of this book touch my heart. I believe the book was well-written and it was very easy to follow along with the story even as the writer switched back-and-forth between characters. I read the book in two days because I just couldn’t put it down.

497 Kindle Pages

5 stars

I’m Only Here for the Beard is the story of Sean and Naomi.

At the beginning of this book, Naomi’s in the hospital after being hit by a police cruiser, who was being driven by her drunk brother. Realizing her life isn’t where she wants it to be, she has plans to move from Kilgore, Texas to Alabama.  Yes, Kilgore Texas where more of our sexy bikers live. Naomi works with Aspen on the ambulance in Kilgore and she has always had a crush on PD. But when PD got back with July, Naomi realized that she need to move on and go forward with her life. So she’s moving to Alabama.

Enter Sean, Naomi’s new partner at work.

“Roses are red, violets are blue. Blah, blah, blah. I don’t like you”

Sean had just gotten out of a relationship with Ellen because Ellen was secretly wanting Jessie, a brother in his MC. When Sean found a woman he liked, he fell hard and fast and it usually came back to bite him in the butt. Just when he decided love wasn’t for him, Naomi walks in and turns his world around.

It takes Sean and Naomi a while to get into a relationship. They both have their own insecurities about things in their lives. But will this new relationship be able to handle the shit storm that is headed its way?

Lani knows how to make you go from “What a happy story” to ” Are you freaking kidding me? How could you do that? I hate you right now.” (I don’t really hate her by the way)
“Women are basically natural disasters with tits”

I really enjoyed Sean and Naomi story. I feel like this story had a little more personal depth than some of the other stories. I really enjoyed being able to see more of the personal connection between the characters. Plus, who doesn’t love a story that talks about the “squatty potty”.
You never know what twists and turns are going to be thrown into the series. I love how she keeps all her books connected in one way or another. Mentioning a name from a past book or having a guest appearance from someone in a past book.

And of course in good Lani fashion, she drops more hints about who Ghost is. I’m still completely stumped on who he is.

Now, to be patient till the end of the month so I can read Jessie’s  story and get more hints about who Ghost is.

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    1. I do enjoy longer books but they do intimidate me a bit. The longest I’ve read is about 850 pages.
      Gemma @ Gemma’s Book Nook


  1. I’ve been noticing a new norm in my reading of +400 pages and was wondering if it was a new trend or just me


  2. I have no clue what my longest books were. I often choose to listen to audiobooks if the books are long.


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