July Book Wrap-Up

July flew by!!

Now its August and I go back to school in 5 days.

I read 11 books in July.

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4 Stars

My Review:

Austin is the oldest brother of the Bailey clan. He gave up his dream on playing baseball to come home and take care of his siblings after his parents were killed nine years ago.

Austin feels it is time to move on. To finally reach for his dreams, his new dream of coaching college baseball. He is gonna finish this year of teaching and coaching and then hopefully move on to bigger and better things.

What Austin doesn’t expect was that his random one-night stand, would become is boss when his regular boss was out on maternity leave, and that he would get feelings for her.

Holly had no idea that her one-night stand was going to be her new employee.

When she moved to Alaska, it was for 3 months. To finish the school year as the principal and they to re-connect with her father.

When she realizes her mistake with Austin, she knows she can’t do it again. But she also knows it is not going to be that easy.

When Austin and Holly decided to be “friends with benefits”, they both think everything will work out. (Yea right)

What happens when Austin decides to leave? What happens when Holly is offered a job? Will everything change? Will they decided to go their separate ways? Will someone give up their dream to let the other one get theirs?

I really enjoyed this story. There were some parts that were predictable but that was okay. I laughed and I even cried.

One thing I love about Piper Rayne is that I always get my HEA. I know it is coming but I just have to see how we get there.

I am excited to see what stories the rest of the Bailey clan gets.

My Review:

I felt that this was a very light hearted story. And a bit different than Lani’s usual read, but sometimes, you need a light hearted read.

I’ve been wanting Piper’s story for a while now. And I love that she was put with Jonah.

Have you ever been at the right place at just the right time? Well…. Piper and Jonah were. Multiple times.

At the airport. On the side of the road. At the airport again. Drunk in a hotel room in Vegas with wedding rings.

Their story starts strong from the start. I am not usually an inta-love fan…..but this one worked for me. I liked their banter. I liked that they instantly got possessive over each other and that they would worry about each other.

What happens when Jonah says no to the person who wants to buy his property? What happens when they don’t back down?

I don’t really have too much to say on this one. It was sweet an simple and sexy and just an overall good read.

This book has more “sex scenes” than a lot of Lani’s other books. I feel that she is getting more daring and I like it!

My Review:

Brooklyn and Wyatt don’t meet under the best of circumstances. Brooklyn is throwing out all of her ex’s stuff after he left her at the alter. In the middle of throwing his stuff out, like throwing it out the window and into the apartment hallway, she ends up hitting Wyatt with a book.

What neither one of them realize is that he is her new boss at the hotel his father just bought.
Plus, Brooklyn is just out of a relationship. She can’t just start a new one.

When things between Brooklyn and Wyatt start to get a little complicated, her brother tells her why not just let him be a rebound. Problem is, Brooklyn knows she can’t do that without her heart getting involved. But is that a risk she is willing to take?

What happens when Wyatt’s dad comes in and makes changes in the hotel? Will everything fall apart? Will Brooklyn and Wyatt be able to hold together what they have, or will they be left picking up the pieces?

The second book in The Bailey’s series was a really good book. I love how this family always comes together when they need each other.
I also love the way the siblings play into the stories. It makes you want to know each siblings story.

My Review:

Ronan and Sofina are defiantly not your typical couple.
He’s older.
She’s younger.
He’s a CEO of a record company.
She works in the bar and sings. (and has a protective brother)
He’s controlling.
She’s submissive.
They match perfectly.
But will an overheard conversation change everything?

This book is definatly not for anyone who can’t handle sexual situations.

Overall, a pretty good, short fast read.

My Review:

This was a good enemies to lovers book.

Bella and Carmelo (Carm) are enemies. They are both in the real estate business and they both want to be the best.

Problem? From the first time they saw each other in real life, they had a connection. A connection that was going to make it hard for them to hate each other. Or would it?

Bella and Carm are both assigned to sale units in a new building. The person who sales their entire floor first gets the entire building.

Everyone loves a competition but what happens when they get towards the end and the rules change?

What happens when they realize that maybe they don’t have to hate each other?

What happens when Carm finds out why Bella changed the type of real estate she does? Will that change everything?

There were times when I wanted to hate Carm, but I couldn’t. He won my heart quickly.

I love that I got my HEA at the end and I am soooo excited for Dom’s book.

My Review:

(I wrote notes as I read, so my thoughts might be everywhere. And some of them are more of my reactions as I read.)

First, I am liking the idea behind the book. I have seen people take to social media to try and find a donor for a family member before but I have never seen it in a book.

Thats sad.

Oakley is Ford’s sister, who was in Pace’s unit overseas. Already making connections.

That’s absolutely terrible!!

UGHHHHHH…..I already hate them!!!!!

Man….that hits home.

Oakley…. Her story hits home. My dad died of kidney failure very quickly.

Awwww….. she just broke my heart.

And he kept the bunny.

Pace….. he’s stealing my heart!

A mom with 8 babies…. Haha…. Octomom.


You go girl!!!

Don’t go breaking my heart Pace!!

YES!!!! Finally!!!!

I knew it!!! I knew he did it!

This was a cute story. I loved that they were connected before they even knew it.
I love that Pace did something that he didn’t have to do.
I think deep down, Pace felt that the “bunny” saved him when he needed it and now he was going to save her. Great job!

My Review:

Book 1

This is part one of four novellas.
The book starts from the stalker’s point of you. He is seeing Katie as she’s giving her graduation speech from high school. We don’t know who he is or why he’s there but we do you know that he cares about her but for some reason he won’t tell her.
We first meet Katie (Kate) after her father‘s death. She’s back in Florida at his funeral. She now has no family besides two stepbrothers, one she has never met, and a stepmother. She’s not close to these people whatsoever.
Her father had been paying her way through school but now that he’s passed, she’s not sure what she will do. She does have her degree so now all she feels like she needs to find a job and start working on her masters when she can.
Her stepbrother Ben has offered to let her stay in the other brothers guest house. Katie hates having to do it but she doesn’t really have any other options right now.
Katie is a shy, average, nerdy girl. When a stranger approaches her in the dark at her fathers funeral, she does something she’s never done in her life. She sleeps with a random stranger but never sees his face.
When something stranger than that happens, Katie doesn’t know what to do.
Her phone dings with a message from “Stalker”. She always thought that her phone that randomly showed up at her door was from her father. Well her father is now dead so how could he be texting her?
Katie soon found out that the stalker is not her father. So who is it?
What happens when Katie starts to talk to him to try to find out who he is?
Is she safe?
Will he find her and hurt her?

My Review:

Book 2

So Katie still has no clue who the stalker is. (I think I do).
She has some guesses. Doug from high school or Ben, her step-brother.
When she has another encounter with stalker, she starts to rule people out.
At the same time Ben is trying to get her a job at his company. She doesn’t want a handout but he tells her that she is too smart to pass up the opportunity.
One thing that hasn’t happened yet is meeting Ian, her other step-brother she has never met.
But now he is home and she will get the chance.
How will the meeting go?
What will happen?

My Review:

Book 3

Katie and Ian finally officially meet. It doesn’t go very well at first but Katie is persistent. She realizes that Ian needs someone in his life. Katie ends up being Ian’s assistant and working side-by-side with him.
She sees a side of Ian that no one else does.
But what happens when Ian opens up?
What happens when Katie gets feelings for Ian?
What about the stalker? (I was right!!! )
You get to see a few chapters from Ian’s POV and I liked that.
Now to see how the story ends.

3 Stars

My Review:

Book 4 

I was right!!!
I knew who the stalker was.

Katie and Ian are now dealing with the fact that he lied to her. Like BIG TIME lied to her.
Can she forgive him?
Will she forgive him?

I gave this one 3 stars because I felt that she forgave him very quickly and I wish there was just a little more storyline in this one.

Overall, a pretty good short series.

At the end of this story you get to see Ben and Ariel (Kaite’s BFF). I wish they would have gotten their story.

2 Stars

My Review:

I am a very honest book reviewer. I won’t give a book a certain number of stars just because other people do.
I could not get into this book. I think there were a few reasons why.
There were a lot of characters to follow in this book. And each chapter the characters switched. I love dual POV but this was too much.
There were a lot of sisters in the book. There were times when I had to go back and reread it because I would get confused on which sister was talking.
I honestly felt that the book was dragged out. I understand that the author is trying to tie everything together but it was a lot.
I did like a part of the book that appeared multiple times that helped understand where everyone was during the murder.
Overall I just could not get in the book. The writing wasn’t bad, I couldn’t do it.

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