Top 5 – My First Book Blogs

Lets take a look back at the 1st 5 books I blogged about.

This was before I had a certain style and I was very new to writing reviews.

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Put Out – Lani Lynn Vale (My full blog) 

5 stars

What to say about this book…..HOT! INTENSE! STEAMY! It’s full of action, drama, and suspense!!

You have Angie and Bowe.

Angie is a 23 year old single mother who has a rough past and some major family drama. She is a very strong and independent woman but she is also very guarded and protective of her heart.

Bowe is a 32 year old fire-fighter/paramedic who works for Kilgore Fire (tied to the past 4 books.) He is a hardworking man but is unlucky in the love department.

Bowe is kind of thrown into Angie’s life after he is attacked one day . (I don’t want to spoil who attacks him.) They had met before but nothing ever came from their past interactions. As time goes on, you begin to see the chemistry they have with each other but you can also feel the sexual tension. Angie is trying to keep Bowe at bay but he is determined to break her walls down.

“I’m not going to force myself on you. I can tell you’re not ready. But when you’re done with school…when this shit with your ex is behind you…I’m coming for you, and there’s not one thing in this entire world that can stop me. Not even you”

Bowe wants to show her how she should be loved and treated. How her daughter should be loved and treated. (The story behind her daughter is CRAZY!!! ) As Angie and Bowe start to get closer, people from her past keep showing back up. ( And these are not good people.)

Will her past ruin her future?

Will her past ruin Bowe’s future?


Put Out was so good. I was sucked into the story and read the entire book in one day. I loved the chemistry between Angie and Bowe but I also loved how hard headed and independent each character was. They brought so much to the storyline.

I love Lani Lynn Vale. I have read almost all of her books and she never lets me down. I love the passion you can see in her writing and how she can take a typical topic and turn it into something spectacular. Her books always leave me wanting more and she always delivers. I loved how all her books are connected somehow. How she can keep up with all the different people and their jobs and relationships is beyond me but it is amazing. One of my favorite things about Lani Lynn Vale, is that at the beginning of each chapter in all her books is a funny quote, or saying, or thought. Such as “In alcohol’s defense, I’ve done some dumb shit completely sober, too.” These add-ons to each chapter are awesome.

If you haven’t read any of her books, you are missing out!

All of Me – Callie Harper (My full blog) 

4 stars

This was a very sexy, intense read.
You have Sophie, a “retired” ballerina who has come back home to Naugatuck to try and start her new life.
You have Liam, a firefighter with a dark secret.
Sophie and Liam have a past. They dated when they were younger and it ended on rough terms. Liam and Sophie’s brother were in an accident together that severely injured her brother.

Now that Sophie is back in town, will they be able to avoid each other? (The answer is no)

Sophie and Liam play this back and forth game but will Sophie be able to handle the dark side of Liam? Will Liam push Sophie to far? Will he push her into the arms of another man?
This was a really good read. I enjoyed the back and forth between Liam and Sophie. I like how this wasn’t an insta-love story. I can tell Callie really put her heart into this.

Life – Audrey Carlan (My full blog) 

5 stars

WOW!! This book had me sucked in from the first minute!

You have Maria and Eli.

Maria, who you have meet before in this series, is a strong, independent woman who has gone through some really hard times; losing loved ones, being a survivor of domestic violence, living in the foster care system. Maria has learned to depend on herself but after a tragedy, she meets the one man who could either help heal her or who could tear her apart.

Eli, who will have a connection to Maria she would have never guesses, is a hard working, dark, rough, handsome man. He is intimidating and persistent and always gets what he wants. But will he be able to get Maria or will her past resurface and kill all hope before it even begins?

I ABSOLUTELY loved Maria and Eli. This give and take between their characters was amazing. I loved how Maria always stood-up for herself and never let anyone get her down. Eli was to die for. His strong, alpha male ways were just what Maria needed, even if she didn’t realize it.

This book was wonderfully written. Audrey did an AMAZING job telling us about the characters from the last books during this one. I have not read the first three books but this can be read without reading them, you will still understand the story and won’t be lost. (But I am defiantly going back to read them) Audrey added the perfect amount of love, hate, happiness, sadness, pretty much any emotion you can have into this book. I was hooked from the first chapter.

Cole – Karla Sorensen (My full blog) 

5 stars

First you had Dylan, then a Garrett, and now Cole. What a group of men!!
I knew that I would fall in love with Cole from what I had read about him in the first two books.
You have Cole. He is still heartbroken from where Julia left him seven years earlier without an explanation. She was the love of his life and still is. He never moved on from her and now that she’s back in town he doesn’t know how to handle it.
You have Julia. She came back to town to help her pregnant sister and realizes that it some point she’s going to face her past. She left Cole without an explanation and doesn’t know how to handle her feelings when she sees him for the first time.
Cole and Julia’s story touched my heart. In the beginning I was so mad at Julia for leaving Cole. I was wondering how she could leave such a great man behind with no explanation. But then the story deepen and I started to understand better why she did what she did. I was still mad at her but after hearing her explanation it made more sense to me.
Cole and Julia get a second chance at love, but can they get over the heartbreak and mistrust from their past? Can he forgive her for leaving him all those years ago, and can she forgive herself?
I absolutely loved the story. I had a feeling Cole would be one of my favorite stories from this group of men, and I was right. Without giving too much away this book talks about an issue in relationships that many people face, but thats never talked about publicly.
Karla outdid my expectations with this book. I cannot wait for Michael’s and for Tristan’s book!!!!!

Animal – Marni Mann (My full blog) 

5 stars

Marni Mann… what did I just read??

This book was captivating, dark (very dark), and so full of twists and turns that I couldn’t put it down. So many people and so many stories that all connect and will make you say “WTF?”

We meet Tyler first. She has just killed herself but we flashback and she tells us her story and how she got where she got.

Tyler is in college and gets drug into the underground world of drugging men and then practically robbing them of thousands of dollars, called the Achurdy. She meets Jae one night while off work and has an instant connection to him. Because of her job, she knows she can never have any kind of relationship with Jae but for some reason, she can’t break away from him.

Then we go to present day and meet Beard. Beard is a killer. He is hired by private people or companies to kill others. He works with two other men, Shank and Diego. Beard loves to torture people, he loves hearing them scream. We don’t learn a lot about his background at first, he is kinda a mystery. He meets a lady name Layla in Miami and is immediately drawn to her. Something about her keeps her in his mind at all times. But you can tell that Layla is hiding secrets.

The story goes back and forth between Tyler flashbacks and present day Beard.

Along the way you also meet Mina who runs Achurdy and Bond who is a person in Beards life. We get a little insight on their stories.

At the end of the book, we get an insight on Shank and what he says blows my mind.

This story was crazy! There were so many twists and turns, connections and ties. And then you read the ending and you are like “OMG”. This book is a total mind fuck!!

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