August Book Wrap-Up

August was a slow month for me.

I only read 9 books in August, but they were all pretty good.

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5 stars

My Review:

This book….UGHHHHH!!!

So many emotions! So many tears! So many WTF moments!

Knight and Luna have been friends their entire lives. (We met both of them in their fathers stories in the Sinner of Saints Series)

Luna is a select mute. After her mother left when she was 2, she stoped talking. Does she want to live her life like this? No. She wants to talk. The only person who ever hears her talk, and its just a word or two, is her step-mom, Edie. She just can’t do it. She can’t use her voice. It didn’t help when her mother left, why would it help now.

Knight is the player. Always has a girl around, but never the girl he wants. He wants Luna but he knows he isn’t good for her. He knows he is not the boy she needs. So he does everything he can to push her away, in the relationship kind of way. But he never lets her go too far. Why? He loves her.

But when Luna didn’t take his advances towards her, he pushed her away. And with the help of a friend of his (without his knowledge) it was enough to make her leave and go to college out of town.

Knight and Luna were both lost. Lost when they were apart. Lost when they were together.

Knight makes some terrible decisions that push Luna away even more than he already had. Luna makes some bad decisions because Knight pushed her away.

But when tragedy strikes, Luna comes back for Knight. She comes to save him. She comes to save her “Knight in Shining Armor”. But will it be enough? Is Knight too lost? And even worse, has Knight lost Luna forever?

This book made me want to pull my hair out at times. Knight was so frustrating. Hot and cold. Nice then mean. And he was defiantly a mean drunk. The things he said made me want to reach thought the pages of the book and punch him.

But he also broke my heart. He was so lost. So broken. And his mom (adoptive mom) Rosie was really sick. (She is from Scandalous and I loved her character)

But this book was so much more than just a book. It was about love and loss. It was about forgiveness. It was about learning that sometimes you need to take a step back and learn from your mistakes.

Great job!!!

4 stars

My Review:

Harley doesn’t know what to do. When her daughter is diagnosed with a medical issue, she knows her only option it is find her daughters dad. Problem with that…. he was a one might stand two years ago. But by some crazy luck, Harley ends up in Alaska of all places, looking for Denver Bailey. (HAHA)

When Harley first walks in to Rome’s new restaurant, he tells her it is closed. But he doesn’t know is that the shock of the year is about to happen. Why? Denver isn’t the baby daddy, he is.

Harley was hoping for someone who would just give her the blood DNA test she needed and some medical records and then she would go back to Seattle. Well…… that didn’t happen.

Rome knew that he could never let his daughter leave him now that he knows she exists. But how is he gonna get Harley to stay? Does he even want her to stay?

This story is about growing up. About taking responsibility. About falling in love.

Harley and Rome have a sweet story. They have their problems along the way but they somehow make it work.

Another great one by Piper Rayne.

My Review:

This was a very cute novella.

Austin and Holly are getting married and you get to see the 5 days before the wedding.

One thing I liked about this book was it was told from a lot of different POV’s. Holly, Wyatt, Rome, Austin, Brooklyn, Denver, Harley, Savannah, Liam, Grandma Dori, and even the dogs Myles and Daisy.

Of course, with a wedding, something is going to go wrong, and it does.

Plus, this book is a great lead into Savannah and Liam’s book. Grandma Dori is a sneaky woman.

My Review:

Lucca and Breezy have a very sweet, naughty novella.
Lucca has an obsession with watching. He always watches but never touches.
When a girl at a dance club catches his eye, he can’t look away.
Something about her draws him in.
But what happens when she walks into his tattoo parlor?
What happens when he ends up knowing her?
What happens when he finds out she is keeping a secret?

This was a really good novella. I felt that the story line was good and even though it was kind of fast, it flowed really well.

I’m ready for the next one.

My Review:

Book 1:
This book is not for the faint of heart!

In this book your start with Baylee and Gabe.
Gabe is a friend if Baylee’s dad and for some reason he kidnaps her to sale her for money.
Gabe is not a nice man and this is hard for Baylee to understand. Why would he do this?
What kind of man is going to by her?

Baylee gets lucky and is bought by Warren (War).
War has issues. Mental issues. But War is a good man. Nothing like Gabe.
He just wants someone to keep him company.
War promises to keep Baylee safe.
Promises to help out her family, as long as she doesn’t leave him.

But can he really protect her? Especially with the issues he has?

This book was wow.
War stole my heart. At first I didn’t wanna like him, I mean he bought a person. But I couldn’t help it. My heart broke for him.
Baylee is sooooo strong and mature for her age.

But I think I know a secret that will play into the next book.

Now to see what happens in the next book.

Book 2:
And the plot thickens.

We ended the last book with War being shot and left for dead. Gabe now has Brylee but Brandon is determined to find her. So many people to keep track of but it is worth it.

I don’t wanna give away too much, but War isn’t dead. I know that could be a spoiler but I mean really, K. Webster can’t kill him off (she could because she is evil like that but she didn’t this time).

But will War be able to save Brylee?
What about Brandon? Will he be able to save her? Is he even the same guy he was before?

Will the good guy win in the end or will evil prevail?

This was a great second book. It answered a lot of questions but it also left a lot that I hope are answered in the 3rd book.

My Review:

This is a novella (around 100 pages). This is a very sweet romance. That hotness level in this book is 0 but, the sweetness makes up for it.

Sophie is a hard worker. She works to jobs to provide for her boyfriend and herself (because he is in-between jobs). She works her tail off to come home to a drunk boyfriend. Why does she stay? Because he is loyal.

When Sophie gets a call from her dad that he is sick and needs some help, she drops everything and goes to him.

The one person she didn’t want to see when she went home to help her dad was Brandon, the boy who broke her heart. Problem is, he wants to see her. He wants to explain to her what happened.

But will she forgive him? What about her boyfriend back home?

This was a sweet story. This was the first story Laura Westbrook wrote. Being her first book, I think she wrote a solid, sweet novella.

Now to see what else she has.

(There is no cheating in this book)

My Review:

In the last book, Dirty Filthy Enemy, you leaned a bit more about Dom. You learned he was hiding secrets. Meeting up with someone in secret and telling anyone who it was. Why? Because he had a past with this person. This person was someone he always loved. Valentina.

Dom and Val wake up in Vegas married. A drunken wedding night that neither one remembers. They both know that this was a mistake and would never work.

But…… they realize mom guilt is a real thing. Coming from Italian families, they know their parent won’t be happy. So they make a plan. Stay together until Dom’s cousins wedding then break it off. Make the parents happy for a while and then say it didn’t work out.

What could go wrong? EVERYTHING!!!!

What happens when feelings get involved? What happens when there are misunderstandings?

I have wanted Dom’s story from the start. I knew there was something about him that interested me. He rough and tough but he also has a heart. A heart that he doesn’t show often.

I really enjoyed this story. It was about second chances and being able to fix your past mistakes.

Great job on this series!!!!

My Review:

Blaine and Xavi have a story that is push and pull. A lot of angst and some sexy scenes.
Xavi is a young rockstar. But he’s lost. After losing his best friend to a drug overdose, Xavi doesn’t know what to do with his life. Xavi blames himself for his best friends death. Why? Because feelings got involved and Xavi was scared to admit them.
When Xavi gets himself into trouble, his manager calls Blaine in ,a cop, to help control the situation.
Blaine knows Xavi is lost. He knows that he needs help.
Blaine also knows that being around Xavi is going to be hard. Why? He has an attraction to him. He wants him. And he thinks Xavi feels the same but is scared to admit it.

The two of them are going to fight, and argue, and realize what they really want in life.

The only M/M books I’ve ever read have been K.Webster/Ker Dukey books. I’m still new to this genre of books but I am glad that I am expanding my reading list.

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