September/October Book Wrap-Up

I didn’t realize till I went to make my October Book Wrap-Up that I didn’t post my September Book Wrap-Up. So this will be a combination post.

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September – 9 books and October – 5 books

5 Stars

My Review: 

Marni, Marni, Marni… what did you do to me with this book?!?!

This book was so much more than just a great read. It was wonderful. It was amazing. It was one of those books that once you start it, you can’t put it down.

Billie, Jared, Honey…… how you made their lives mesh together, how you made their stories connect… it was brilliant.

I kept waiting for that shoe to drop… for everything to fall apart…. And when it did….. my heart sunk.

“Billie didn’t realize something…I was going to hurt her far worse than Flight 88.”

I felt Billie’s pain. I felt Jared’s pain. I felt Honey’s pain.

“Billie, in all these years, I’ve never loved anyone…before you.”

I can’t go into many details without giving away to plot of the book…. But let me tell you something…. This is a book you DO NOT want to miss out on.

My Review: 

Kandi, Kandi, Kandi… what a sweet read Neat was. It was the perfect enemies to lovers book.

Logan Becker was a tour guide at the local whiskey distillery. The distillery is all he had known for his entire life. His grandfather helped start the distillery and his father also worked there until his death (a very questionable death). Logan knew that he had to do what he had to do to keep his families name alive in the distillery. And to do this, he needed a promotion. A promotion that should be his, until she shows up.

Mallory Scooter wanted nothing to do with the distillery her grandfather started and her father now ran. She was always the rebel child, going against her parents wishes. But when her dad gave her a deal she could not turn down, she end up spending her days at the distillery with Logan, the enemy.

But do they have to be enemies? What happens when the enemies turn into friends? When the friends turn into more than just friends? What happens when there is a misunderstanding and someone over-reacts? Will everything be ruined?

Kandi….. this book was great. It was sweet and loving, but it had an edge to it also. I love how Logan and Mallory had to work hard to make their relationship work. I also love how it was not an insta-love story. How they had to learn about each other and see what the other person was truly like.

So ready for the other Becker boy’s books!!!!!

4 Stars

My Review: 

So this twisted fairy tale seemed to have a play off of Elsa and Anna but I also felt a little Game of Thrones.

Queen Elzira (Queen Whitestone), and her sister Yanna have been on their own since Elzira was 15. After their parents death, Elzira was thrown into the role of queen. Her sister is her life. What she lives for. But, she is dying and no-one knows how to stop it. She is losing her powers and her life.

“Trust your instinct. Trust only yourself. Trust in the cold.” So this twisted fairy tale seemed to have a play off of Elsa and Anna but I also felt a little Game of Thrones.

Queen Elzira (Queen Whitestone), and her sister Yanna have been on their own since Elzira was 15. After their parents death, Elzira was thrown into the role of queen. Her sister is her life. What she lives for. But, she is dying and no-one knows how to stop it. She is losing her powers and her life.

“Trust your instinct. Trust only yourself. Trust in the cold.”

Ryke (King Bloodsun) has come to make a pack. He wants to marry the queens sister Yanna and then move thought their land and take Hidden Lands. But in order to do that, he needs the queen on his side. What he didn’t realize was that the queen was dying. He also didn’t realize that he could care that she was dying. One thing about the Ryke is that he is also the “Truth Seeker”, he will always find the truth.

“You can’t warm up what doesn’t want to be anything but cold.”

Ryke is determined to make Elzira better, even if she doesn’t like it. And spending that time together causes them to become closer.

But what about his plan to marry Yanna? What about his feelings for Elzira? What happens when he realizes what is going on with Elzira?

I felt that this was a really good book. I like how I could see multiple different stories in this one. I knew K. Webster would not disappoint me.

This book does mention some tough subjects, so far warning.

My Review: 

Very, very cute story!
This story starts off at a baseball game (my favorite sport) with Lock and Saylor randomly meeting.
Saylor is on a date and the is not going well at all. She cannot stand her date but sees some light when Lock sits beside her. Things quickly go downhill and the two end up being on national television for an incident that happened at the game. This incident will hurt Saylor in the future with possible jobs.
When Lock and Saylor are brought back together later on, there is kind of an insta-love. I am not a fan of insta-love…but…..this one worked.

So in this book….who will the bad guy be? What will the bad guy do? Because this is a Lani book…. You know there will be a bad guy.

I loved Lock from the very beginning. You could tell he had such a huge heart and that he really cared about Saylor.
I love how their families accepted each one of them. That is one thing I love about Lani’s books. They are about family and friends and love.
This book also shows how social media can ruin someone life. One incident, spread over the internet, and your life is changed forever.

My Review: 

Remember… this is a taboo treat and is not for everyone.

Daniel (Dr. Dan) is just shy of 45. A bachelor who just recently found out he has a daughter from a relationship years and years ago. Life is going good and he is content with how everything is. That is until a young woman (18 years) come into the ER one night.
Lauren know something is wrong but is terrified to admit it. After for mother died of kidney disease, Lauren is scared to tell anyone about her systems.
But Dr. Dan knows something is wrong and he is determined to help her.
In his quest to help her, he starts to get feelings for her.
But will be develop those same feelings?
Is her problem too far gone to save her?

Dr. Dan and Lauren have a sweet story. Yes, they have a big age difference, but it works for them.
I liked how Dr. Dan wasn’t pushy. How he truly wanted to take care of Lauren and do what was best for her.

Can’t wait till the next taboo treat.

My Review: 

I WAS RIGHT!!!! I knew who the stalker was!!!! YAY ME!!!!!

After the murder attempt, Parker and Skyler head to Rio with his brother. One, to work on a case and two, to get away for a bit. Parker is a bit banged up but doing fine.

Nate and Rachel can’t go as protection because Nate is recovering from the blast, so Paul is going to be their protection.

What happens when the texts continue? What happens when more people get hurt?

I guessed who the bad guy was like 2 books ago and I was right. It’s crazy who this person thought and how they perceived things.

You also get some drama with Paul and his boyfriend Dennis’ family.

I’m ready for the last book.

My Review: 

Ares is out for revenge. His mother is dead and someone needs to pay for it. Being part of the Gilded Sovereign, a secret organization made up of rich and powerful men, has its advantages and its disadvantages and Ares is going to use it to his advantage. To take down the family that took his mother away.

Dahlia has no idea but she is about to encounter someone who wants to take her down for the sins of her father. After moving to the town her father grew up in to live with her grandmother after his death, Dahlia didn’t know the storm that she was moving into. Her best friend Rukaiya and her father moved too, letting Dahlia know she wasn’t alone.

“This time it’s not just a job, it’s war. A cruel war.”

Ares is ready to go to war to avenge his mothers death. Even if it means going to war with an innocent girl.

But what happens when Ares learns the truth? What happens when everything he things he knows changes? What happens when Dahlia worms her way into his heart?

Will he chose family or Dahlia?

This is a great enemies to lovers story. I love stories about secret societies and this one did not disappoint. There was hate and love. Danger and comfort. Right and wrong.

I watched Ares grow though-out this book, from a boy to a man. I think the story flowed well, did not seem too rushed.

I am now ready for the next one. I need to know Etienne’s story.

My Review: 

Madrid….what a story.

Parker and Skyler are on their way with the team to Madrid to work on the image of a new pop star. But that is the least of their concerns right now.

Tracey is over stepping her boundaries and when Skyler finds out some thing that she did in the past, it might ruin their friendship forever.

The stalker is still sending text messages, this time one that are threatening.

Plus…. Parker and Skyler make a mistake and the paparazzi catch them. (This is also not as big of a concern as the stalker)

But who is the stalker? Is the stalker and the letter writer the same person? What happens when the wrong person is accused?

I feel like this story had more mystery and such than any of the other ones. (I think I know who the stalker is)

Solid story….. 2 more to go.

My Review: 

Royal St. James…. What a name….and with that name, what a story.

Royal is not your typical woman. She is a welder. She is a strong female character. She takes not shit from anyone, no matter who it is (even if it is the local drug dealer)

Officer Justice is a big teddy bear. He comes off hard and tough but he had a great heart. And I think both traits made him pretty good undercover……until Royal. Royal changes everything.

Royal makes Justice break cover because he has to protect her. He just can’t let her get hurt.

This book involves an overly strict dad who is an asshole, a drug dealer, a sweet mom, some hot cops, and a heartbreaking deal,

Overall…..I enjoyed this book. I think it was a sweet read. I loved the sex scenes. I feel like Lani is getting bolder with them. I think Royal and Justice had a connection from the beginning but I like how Royal didn’t give into him immediately. There was a bit of cat and mouse with them.

Good job.

My Review: 

Parker is on to his next client, a beauty company trying to get a bill passed in Washington D.C. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING!
When Parker learns the beauty company is hiding dirty business, him and the other members of IG are determined to close them down. But can they do it? Can they take on a billion dollar company?
Plus, to add more drama, Parker hires Royce’s ex to be the companies new lawyer. That goes over great….NOT!!!!
And Parker and Skyler are still getting texts from an unknown person and someone from Skyler’s past, a man she worked with once, keeps popping up.
This was a good book. Nothing crazy special but it was still a good read. The story was solid and I enjoyed learning some more of the back story of the guys.
We only have 3 more books to go……. wonder what will happen.

My Review: 

Parker and the guys are back at it, this time in Berlin. But things aren’t going to go as smooth as they could. Why? The person they are working is Wendy’s fiancé ex.
Yep…. and that’s gets heated.
Plus Parker and Skyler are getting mystery texts that are starting to get creepy and weird.
Who is texting them?
Why is that person texting them?
Will that person try to approach them?
Are they in danger?

This one was pretty good.
I like how Wendy and Michael play more of a role in this book. I have wanted to know more about them and some of my questions were answered.

Now onto the next book and to see what happens in D.C.

3 Stars

My Review: 

So this book was okay.
Nothing wrong with it.
It was a novella so they move quickly but I would have liked a bit more story line.
Chole, after being abandoned but her boyfriend in Jamaica, ends up in the care of 4 extreme sports men. Mason, Enzo, Noah and Ethan. Each one different. Each with their own personality.
They all want her and she wants them all. But can it work? Will her boyfriend come back to get her?

I liked how the author told the story of everyone POV, but I just wish there was a bit more story line. I think that if this would have been a full length novel, it would have been more stars from me.

My Review: 

The last book of the series is here.

Parker and Skyler are working on getting life back to normal after the craziness they went though a few month ago. Parker and the boys finally take a job outside Boston for the first time in months, helping out a new dating show .

Parker isn’t sure about it but Skyler makes him go. What Parker doesn’t know is that she is in on this job. It is kind of a set-up. But will Parker pass the test?

This book wraps up a few loose ends but it also leaves some open. And I need some more answers!

My Review: 

You will see 3 stars and think that’s an okay rating, and it is.
I enjoyed the book. Reading the story of Captain Hook (Callan) and Tinkerbell (Tinksley) in a new way was very neat.
Callan has secretly loved Tinksley for years but he knew she was off limits.
Tinksley loves Peter Pan. She has eyes for no one else.
But when Peter leaves her…. things happen and she ends up in Callan’s care.
Tinksley becomes a new person.
And this new person is out for revenge once she learns the truth.
Plus….. now she see Hook and that is going to take her to places Peter never could.

The reason I gave the book 3 stars was because it got confusing at times. There were a lot of people and a lot of side stories and I caught myself rereading at times to make sure I understood what was going on.

I’m definitely going to continue this new series and I’m excited to see what the other authors do.

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