November Book Wrap-Up

November was a very slow month for me.

I only read 6 books.

Hopefully December will be better.

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4 stars

My Review: 

What did you do to me with this book Lani!!! And how in the hell am I going to write a review without spoilers!!!

I was very early on in the book when I felt that something was off. I think I knew what was off but I couldn’t say for sure.

Malachi was touch and go with me at times. I felt so bad for him that he didn’t have a memory but I felt he knew there was more going on than he would say.

Frankie…. I felt so bad for Frankie. Losing her fiancé and then having one of his friends some back from the dead. That must have been hard. To know she would never have back what she lost.

I felt that the secrets in this book drew me in. I knew more was going on. I knew it. And when I came out….. I knew I was right!! When Tim explained everything….. I was like “KNEW IT!!!!”

But then something else happens and it had me saying “WTF”.

I know this is a bit different from most of my reviews…..but if I say too much….I’ll tell the secret. And you need to read to figure it out.


I really enjoyed this book. I have wanted to know Malachi story since his appearance in a past book. I like how the book tied with the last books and how it answered some old, burning questions.

My Review: 

What a book!

Let me tell you something….Brittainy knows how to heart you right in the heart when she writes.

She knows how to make you feel what the characters are feeling.

She knows how to make you connect with a book.

She just knows.

“How’s your heart?”
“Still beating”

Landon and Shay are enemies.

Why? Well… they don’t really know. They just know that they are and that is all that matters.

Landon is the guy everyone loves and wants to be around. He has everything everyone wants.

Shay is the “Perfect girl”. The girl who seems to have it all.

No one has everything. No one is perfect.

When a bet happens between Shay and Landon, a bet about hearts and minds and bodies, everything will change for them.

“I wanted to know his story. His ugly, hard novel. I wanted to read his words, even though they seemed to bleed across the page in the most painful way.”

Maybe they aren’t enemies. Maybe they never were.

What happens when life changes?

What happens when secrets come out?

What happens when feelings get involved?

This book was really good. I’m not usually into high school romance books, but I liked this one.

Brittainy talked about topics in this book that are hard to talk about.

Drugs, suicide, self-harm, depression.

And she does it in such an amazing way.

She shows people they are not alone in their struggles and that someone out there can help you and will help you.

“You’re sad?” she whispered. “Yes.” “How sad?” “Very sad.” “How often?” I swallowed hard. “All the time.”

Landon and Shay stole my heart and I can’t wait to see how their story ends.

My Review: 

Let’s do a calendar, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

Overall, I really liked this book.

I felt that Rowen was a very strong character. She handled situations way better than I would have. She dealt with so much in this book and always came out on top. I think she was very strong character and written very well.

Dax.. I loved him. I felt he had such a good heart. I felt he was just a great guy. The kind of guy you would want your daughter to date. With the situations he that happened with Rowen, that showed me he was a stand-up guy.

It would not be a Lani book without some crazy people… and yes they are CRAZY!!!!

I love Lani and her books. I love how I know she will give me an HEA and there will be an adventure to get there.

I am really looking forward to this series. I think it’s going to be a good one.

Stop what you’re doing. Google ‘why Cornflakes were invented.’ You’re welcome.

My Review: 

I had no idea what I was getting into when I started this book.

Rory wanted to know about her dad. Know about the man that was never in her life but the man who still loved her.

Rory goes to Ireland to see her dad’s grave. To see where he lived. What she never expected was to meet Mal and have her life flipped upside down.

Twenty-four hours was all it took for him to change her world and then she was gone. Back to America. But they made a contract, on the back on a napkin. If they ever saw each other again they would get married and be together.

Rory though that would never happen. What are the chances? They live a world away. But one day, at a work party, it did happen. She saw him. And what was even worse, she was now going to be working with him in Ireland.

But Mal had changed. He was not the sweet guy he used to be. He was mean. Nasty. Hateful. But why?

What happens when secrets come out? What happens when those secrets change EVERYTHING?

Throw in a half-sister, a drug using rock-star, a crazy mom and you get one heck of a story.

I love the dual POV. That is my favorite kind of book to read. I also loved that L.J. added little notes from other characters. I think it added more to the book. I mean, we got to see a cow’s thoughts after someone tried to ride him. (It will make sense once you read the book).

Overall this was a really good book and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

3 stars

My Review: 

I gave this book 3 stars for a few reasons. I have read a few reverse harem stories now and I think they are a tricky book to write.
This one had 1 girl, Audery, and 3 triplet brothers, Quinton, Reid, and Zayne.
The brothers have to kidnap and kill Audrey because of a rivalry between their boss and her family.
But once they get her, everything changes.
Can they do what they have been asked to do?

This book wasn’t a bad book. I felt it could have been a really good book it was just missing something.
Overall I enjoyed it.

1 star

My Review: 

This is defiantly my least favorite book of the series so far.

I gave the first two books 3 and 4 stars.

This one though, I just can’t.

Maybe it’s because this book is very science-fiction compared to the others.

Maybe it’s because of my own preferences.

But I just could not get into this book.

I did not like Meg the heroine. I could never connect with her.

I felt that Hercules was not as strong as he could have been.

I was confused a lot of the time.

I feel like there was a lot of information thrown into the book and not all of it was explained very well.

I hate giving bad reviews.

And some people will love this book.

But me, not so much.

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