As a starry-eyed child, I wanted to believe my shining prince would ride up on a white horse, present a diamond ring, and carry me away to his castle. His love would be endless and our lives would be the happily ever after all girls dreamed about. I never knew the fairytale was nothing more than a lie.

I was a good girl.
Until one night, one tiny trip, one little mistake, one moment of indiscretion.

When I fell down the rabbit hole, I stumbled into the absolute fantasy, succumbing to their whims and rituals. As their very naughty girl, I embraced the nightmare and refused to ever leave.

The Darkland is mine.
And those monsters will kneel before their one true Queen.

Madness is a dark romance/reverse harem story.

My Review: 1 star

I hate giving 1 star reviews, I really do. But I had to with this book.

This book was Madness but not in a good way.

Ellison’s character, I could not connect with what-so-ever.

I was confused a majority of the time. I re-read pages because I felt that maybe I missed something, but nope, I didn’t miss anything.

I felt the book was all over the place and I that thoughts and scenes were never completed.

Maybe it was just me, but this book was not for me.

I have hope for this series… and I am going to continue to read it because I like the idea of it.

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About the Author:

An admitted word fiend, KAILEE REESE SAMUELS loves pushing her readers’ boundaries with original, addictive storylines and unexpected twists to keep you turning the page. Her genre-busting, lyrical writing style is punctuated with elements of dark romance, romantic suspense, psychological thriller, mafia, MC, BDSM, and realism.

As the author of JULIET, 22, SHE/HE, UNSPOKEN, POPPY, and TAT BOOKS (Salt Kissed Love, Famous Last Words, and the upcoming Every Minute I Love You), she believes first and foremost her books should be entertaining and serve as the perfect escape with a delicious beverage, a box of chocolate, and plenty of tissues.

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