December 2019 Book Wrap-Up

I read 12 books in December.

It wasn’t the best month of reading but I did get in a few good ones.

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5 stars

My Review: 

If you know me, you know I usually don’t go for the super sweet, loving romance books. I like some grit and some darkness. But…. this book was totally not that. This book was sweet and loving and heart-touching and wonderful.

Kylie and Michael (Mikey) have best friends since they were 8 years old. They spent every day together until Mikey got a girlfriend in high school. When that girl up and left Mikey, he was devastated, but Kylie was there to put his pieces back together.

But when Mikey announces that he is going to move to New York, Kylie’s world gets turned upside down. Why? She is secretly in love with her best friend and he doesn’t know it.

Kylie plans a summer of adventure for him, a summer to remind him why he loves their town and why he should stay.

Mikey starts to realize that Kylie isn’t the same Kylie he grew up with. That she is now a woman and wonders how me missed the change.

As Kylie and Mikey start getting closer than just friends, a bomb will drop.

Will Mikey make the right decision?

Will Kylie understand his decision?

What will happen once that decision is made?

Kandi is great at writing love stories. You can tell that she puts her heart and soul into her stories.

Watching Kylie and Mikey grow over the summer in this book was great. You got to see their characters develop and you got to see them form a bond like they had never had before.

Now to wait for Jordan’s book.

4 stars

My Review: 

I read Bang, Bang by Dani Rene:

Max and Kasen’s short story is one of losing your first love only to reconnect later in life. The only problem is, only one of them admitted their love for the other before they parted way.
When they reconnect it is hot and dangerous and amazing.
But Dani left us with a cliffhanger…… UGHHHHHH.

Now to wait to see how the story ends.

My Review: 

Trigger warning…… enough said!!

Quinn and Joshua have a story about trust and control and overcoming the past.
When Quinn requests Joshua to do some “role play” with her, Joshua (who own an adult club) agrees to it.
But Joshua knows something is off. That something isn’t totally right.
But he also knows he wants to be the one to figure it out.
Can Joshua help Quinn overcome her past?
What happens when the past shows back up?

This books definitely has triggers but if you can look past them…. you find a love story.
Great job ladies!!

3 stars

My Review: 

Rukaiya and Etienne have a wild story.
Rukaiya is mixed up with her father’s problems. But she can’t get away from him. She can’t escape because she knows he will kill her.
Etienne knows he has to protect Rukaiya even if she doesn’t want it. Why does he need to save her? Well, he doesn’t know. But something inside him tell him he needs to save her.

Rukaiya and Etienne get their HEA but the ride there is wild.
They are both stubborn. They both fight each other at every turn.
Secrets and betrayal. Twists and turns. Suspense and murder.
This book has a little bit of everything.

I did not connect with this book as much as I did the first book. I felt it took a while to get into the story. I was probably about 40% before I really got into the book but then I felt that the characters didn’t really develop. I wish I could have connected more with this book, but it just didn’t happen for me.

My Review: 

Moira and Sol have a very interesting story.

Moira is the abused girl from a non-loving family. She has always had to deal with her mothers tough words and un-loving hands.

Sol wants to kill Moira and her entire family. Why? Well that’s a secret. But once he sees Moira, he can’t do it. He can’t kill her.

But is it his choice? Is someone else running the show?

I gave this book 3 stars for a few reason.

I liked the book but there were parts that I felt dragged a bit. I liked the characters and the plot but I would have liked some more “sexy” scenes.

I think this book is a good addition to the Sinister Fairy Tales Collection.

My Review: 

Nameless is on a mission, to take out the corrupt Sheriff Soakes.
Sheriff Soakes run the towns and gets rid of anyone in his way.
But the sheriff also has a secret, one that could destroy him.
Nameless teams up with a local women who has had her far share of run-ins with the sheriff. Not all of them positive.
But can Nameless take out the sheriff before the sheriff ties up some loose ends?

This is my first book by Dean Koontz. I feel that this series has potential. I want to see where Nameless goes next and if he get his memory back.

My Review: 

Nameless is at it again. Hunting down terrible people.
This time it is a photographer who take pictures of the people or animals he kills.
Even after therapy, Palmer Oxenwald still has the need to kill. He started with animals and then moved onto people.
When Nameless starts to hunt him, can Nameless stop him in time before he kills two sisters, Mia and Kara.

This sereis has potential, that is why I am going to keep reading it.
One, because I need to know if Nameless ever remembers his past, and two, I wanna learn who is sending him on these missions.

My Review: 

Nameless is at it again.
This time going after a woman named Lucia.
Lucia has killed 3 of their husbands, getting away with it each time, and making millions of their deaths.
But Nameless is going to change that.
And with some help… he does.

I need to know more about Nameless past. What happened to him? Why is he like this?
I’m gonna continue to read this series and hope I get answers soon.

My Review: 

Nameless is out to help a mother who lost everything. Her children. Her husband when he couldn’t handle the sight of her burns. Out to help her take down the men who caused their deaths.
Along the way, Nameless will have a flashback, the most intense one he has ever had.
Will this hold a key to remembering who he is? Does he want to remember who he is?

Not totally impressed with this series but I’m going to finish it cause I need to know more about Nameless.

My Review: 

Nameless is out to save a boy on this mission. To save a boy kidnapped by his step-dad after he had killed the boys mom.
But Nameless keeps having flashbacks. Will these flashback keep him from doing the job?
What happens Nameless finds out who run his operation? Will he decided to remember the past, or will he want more of the drug that keeps the past away?

Overall, this series wasn’t bad. I felt it had a lot potential that it didn’t use. But overall, not bad.

2 stars

My Review: 

So, not my favorite of the series. I felt that there could have been something more to the story. Something to pull the reader in. There is only one more book, so I will finish the series.




1 star

My Review: 

I hate giving 1 star reviews, I really do. But I had to with this book.

This book was Madness but not in a good way.

Ellison’s character, I could not connect with what-so-ever.

I was confused a majority of the time. I re-read pages because I felt that maybe I missed something, but nope, I didn’t miss anything.

I felt the book was all over the place and I that thoughts and scenes were never completed.

Maybe it was just me, but this book was not for me.

I have hope for this series… and I am going to continue to read it because I like the idea of it.

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  1. Yikes – December was a mixed bag for you. Hope the new year ushers in a bevy of 5-star reads that blow your weighted blanky away 😉


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