January Book Wrap-Up

Hey ya’ll.

So the first month of 2020 is over. My readings this month have been…. okay.

I read 7 books this month. I only had one 5 star read this month. My average rating this month was 3.3 stars.

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5 Stars

My Review: 

I am going to LOVE this series!! This might be my favorite Lani book ever!

I loved Ace Valentine. Loved, loved, loved him. He stole my heart from the very beginning and kept it the entire time.

I loved his attitude, his heart, how he loved his family.

I love that he felt that he needed to protect Codie even before he really knew her.

And by a few other things he said and did, I just knew he was going to be a good guy.

But my heart hurt for him also. He had some though so much when he was younger. But I feel that he came out stronger because of it.

“And by me turning him down, I’d just cemented my place on his to-conquer list”

Codie, I loved her attitude.

She was defiantly a spit-fire.

But, Codie looked down on herself because of her parents. Codie was still letting her teenage years define her even though she was not the same person she was then.

Ace and Codie were perfect for each other. Like absolutely perfect.

And the sex scenes = A+!!!

Overall, I really loved this book.

It was sweet and cute.

It didn’t have the action like most Lani books but that was fine because the storyline was solid.

4 Stars

My Review: 

Savannah and Liam…. what a pair.

Savannah is so used to having to be in charge that she has not idea how to let loose. After the death of her parents, she was tasked with not only taking care of her siblings but also taking over the family timber company.

Liam has always liked Savannah, but he never had a chance. He was her brothers best friend and 5 years younger than her. He was know as a “bad boy” and knew that Savannah would never go for him.

When Savannah moves in with Liam and her brother Denver while her house is getting worked on, everything changes. A few nights of closeness changes everything.

Liam has a task for Savannah, let him help her remember the old her. 5 weeks. That’s all he’s asking.

Savannah starts to find herself again. Find her fun side. Find her emotions she locked away for years.

But, will she find the love for Liam that he wants? Will she be able to accept Liam for who he is? What happens when she makes a mistake that could ruin everything?

I really enjoyed Savannah and Liams story. We have been getting bits and pieces for a few books now and I am so glad they got their HEA.

My Review: 

Denver Bailey. The Playboy. The brother who will never settle down.

Cleo Dawson. The mentors daughter. The rival of Denver Bailey.

When Cleo’s dad passes away, he leaves his business, Lifetime Adventures, to both Cleo and Denver. Rivals. People who hate each other. Now Cleo and Denver have choices to make.

Do they sell that the business? Do they buy the other out? Or do they try and make it work to honor her father?

As they begin to make decision, to start to work together, feeling start to get involved. But are those real feelings or are those feeling just because they are working together everyday?

But everything will change when Cleo finds out some information that changes her life. But can Denver help her with these changes? Or will he back down and not fight for her?

Denver and Cleo are a great enemies to lovers book. People who are made to work together and realize maybe they don’t have to hate each other.

I love the Bailey family. Only 4 more books to go.

3 Stars

My Review: 

Unlike a lot of other people who have read Tarryn Fisher books, this is only my second book from her and the first book I read, I didn’t really enjoy. I’ve seen a lot of reviews comparing this book to her other books and I know they are completely different types of writing but for me, I am going into this review like a new reader to this author.

So…. here we go!

I just finished this book and my head is still wondering “What in the hell just happened?”

This book was a wild ride. A book about lies, polygamy, deceit, love.

Thursday was her day. He came over on Thursdays. That was how the schedule was. Seth’s time was spilt between her and his two other wives (Monday and Tuesday) Thursday was the second wife. She made sure Thursday the best day he was going to have that week. She wanted to be his light and his favorite, so she did everything right. Everything her mom taught her about being a good wife.

“It’s all too perfect, I think. When things are that perfect, something is wrong.”

But Thursday wanted more. She needed more. And she started having more thoughts about the other wives. Wondering more and more about them. She did not know them, only what Seth told her about them.

When she found a piece of paper in a pocket in his pants one day, she knew she needed to see who the woman was who’s name was on the paper. What this third wife looked like. She deserved to know. She had agreed to let him have another wife. She just wanted to please him, to make him happy.

But what unfolds is nothing like I thought it would be. Another reviewer said that this book was ” a mindfuck and a clusterfuck at the same time” and I would TOTALLY agree with that.

Thursday, Monday, Tuesday, Seth….. everything they said made me question the entire story.

Was anything real?

Why was everyone telling different stories?

Why did no-one believe Thursday?


I didn’t see this story as was “really dark” read like some others have. It is defiantly a psychological thriller but to

me it wasn’t that dark.

The reason I gave this book 3 stars was because the second half of the book was a cluster in my opinion. The first half was really solid. It pulled me into the story. The second half was not the same. I think the book had a really good plot but I felt like the second half of the book could have been delivered better. I think it was rushed and things got confusing.

My Review: 

his was defiantly not my favorite Marni book….but I still love her and I will definitely keep reading her. One book will not deter me from an author.

Oliver and Chole met while she was oversees for a semester in college in London. Their love was quick and deep. But they knew Chole was not staying longer than a semester. That she had to go home.

They tried to stay in contact but overtime they grew apart. And when Chole saw a picture of Oliver with a new girl, she stopped following him on social media and decided to move on with life.

This is where Lance comes in. I loved Lance. This is who Chole marries. Who she builds her life with.

But when her job takes her oversees on and off for six months, she runs back into Oliver.

Chole now has a decision to make. Stay with her husband or go back to her first love.

This book is told from Chole’s POV, except the last chapter which is told from Oliver’s POV.

Did not have good vibes of Oliver at the beginning. I felt he was maybe a bit shady. His lines and moves were too smooth.

I never connected with Chole. I never felt that the connection she thought she had with Oliver was as strong as the book was saying it was.

My favorite person in the book was Lance. I felt he had a great heart and that he always did his best.

2 Stars

My Review: 

I really tried with this book. I did. But I just couldn’t.

Davina was a badass. She could take care of herself, but I did not really like her. I didn’t feel that her character developed.

Dagen was a pretty good character. Probably the character I connected with the most.

But overall, the retelling of Ariel did not work for me.

I felt some of the dialog was just too much and i just could not get into the story.

I found myself skimming some of the pages because I wanted to see how it ended but I just could not handle the entire thing.

I am going to continue to read this series… I am not going to give up on it.

My Review: 

Major trigger warning!!!!!!

I don’t know. I really don’t know about this book.
Drake and Evie both have major issues.
I think the idea of the book is good, but in my opinion…. it was all over the place.
It is very dark. Very bloody.
I am okay with dark and bloody when written correctly.

I am going to read more books of this series because they are different authors….. but this one was not the best.

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