Top 5 – Books to Read in a Day

Hey ya’ll!

Sometimes we need a short, quick book to get us out of a reading slump. Or just because we want a nice, quick story.

Here are my top 5 books to read in a day.

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My Review: 

This is probably my favorite book of this series so far. I absolutely loved Tucker and Leah’s story.
Leah is Dare’s sister, Dare is from the second book of this series, and she is ready to be on her own. She loves her brother and his wife, but she needs her on space. Leah had a rough past. She was sexually abused by an uncle and now her brother feels like it is his job to protect her.
When the opportunity comes to house sit for Tucker, Leah jumps at the chance. She will have her own space and be safely tucked away on a farm. Plenty of room to think and write.
Tucker works for ISH (In Safe Hands) with the guys from the other books, Landon, Dare, and Justus. Tucker is ex-military and his life hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. He carries around secrets that nobody knows and he has no plans to tell.
When his plans fall through and he ends up back at home, he figures Leah will just leave. He was wrong. She is determined to stay and he finally gives up the fight. He figures he can just ignore her for the next six months. But that doesn’t work.
Tucker and Leah play a cat and mouse game. She wants him, he wants her, but neither will act.
Leah cant get close enough to make a move.
Tucker knows she is off limits. She is Dare’s little sister and he knows that Dare would kill him. Plus, the secret he is hiding keeps him from acting on his feelings. He feels that he shouldn’t have that kind of love. That he shouldn’t be happy because of his mistakes of the past.
Overtime thought, Leah wears Tucker down. But when they do get together, will he regret it? Will he push her away or let her stay and help him push thought the pain of his past?
I loved this story.
My heart broke for Tucker. Living with the mistakes of this past has worn him down, even if they were not his fault.
Leah was great. Even thought she had a rough childhood, she has not let that affect her. She is strong and happy and lives everyday to the fullest.
They are the perfect match.
But S.M.Shade…..did you really have to do what you did near the end of the book? Really? Why??…….Wondering what I am talking about… will just have to read to find out!
I can’t wait for the next book.

My Review: 

Scarlett and Hudson have a HOT book. They are nothing working on deals for their companies and plan a meeting to meet in person. Problem is…. the actually meet before their real meeting but one person doesn’t know who the other is yet and things get hot between them before the person finds out.
Could this ruin the deal they are working on?
You’ll have to read to find out.
I really liked Scarlett and Hudson’s story. I like that it wasn’t insta-love and that they bantered back and forth.

My Review: 

What did I just read?!?! I am speechless right now.

Wheeler’s book is unlike the other books. There is no way to compare them. The writing style is different. The dark themes are different. The mood of the book is different.

Jax Wheeler is a psychopath and you get a hint of that in Pearson’s book. He’s sick and disturbed and obsessive and possessive.

This book has flashbacks that will explain to you how and why everything is how it is. You learn at the every beginning the answer to a secret from a previous book and when you learn it, your gonna say HOLY SHIT!!!

The things Wheeler does and thinks will mess with your mind. It made me think “How in the world could someone do something like that.” But then you know we live in a crazy world were people so a lot of sick, indescribable things.

This book is a build up. Each chapter you learn a little but more about Wheeler’s character and his past. But also each chapter seems to add a new plot twist or new question for you to think about.

The ending is EVERYTHING!!!!! Everything I hoped it would be and everything I wish it wasn’t. Once you finish this book, you will understand what I am talking about!

Ker is a genius! No other way to put it. How she came up with what she did for this book is beyond me but I am SO glad she did!!!

My Review: 

This book had my emotions everywhere.

Wrigley and George drove me CRAZY in this book. They played a cat and mouse game that made me want to scream at times.

They have a crazy story.
Baseball game – I’d witnessed my first home run ever, and I was officially addicted to baseball. Or maybe it was the man. I didn’t know. But addiction was in there somewhere.
Vegas wedding – because a Vegas wedding ALWAYS works out!
Baby- We all love babies
Crazy sister-in-law – This will play a big part in the story.
And then everything changes!!

“George?” I lifted my hand and let my fingers trail through her hair. “Yeah?” “Do you know the Muffin Man?” I found myself grinning. “The Muffin Man?” “The one on Dreary Lane.” I burst out laughing. “I kinda like you,” I wheezed. She turned her face into my chest. “I kinda like you, too.”

I feel like this story was more of an insta-love story. They moved really fast…..His grandma helped that happen though. I loved his grandma.

There were times in this book I wanted to cry. Times I wanted to yell. And times I laughed.

I enjoyed this book. There were times I wanted to strangle both George and Wrigley for being stubborn and hard-headed. There were times I felt both characters were a bit immature.
I think readers will be able to relate to this story.
This story is about finding that one person that makes your heart jump but losing them and working to get them back.
This story shows that relationships are hard and they take work. It also shows not to take others for granted.

My Review: 

If you are looking for a quick sexy read, Quinn and Ava’s story is for you.
When Ava is hired as a babysitter for Quinn’s sons, she had no idea the man she would be working for would I’d be so good looking. When Quinn hired Ava, he had no idea she would make him feel feeling he thought were gone.
This is a quick read with a HEA. Totally what I needed today.


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