Top 10- Authors That Deserve More Recognition

I have made a list of authors that I feel deserve more recognition. Authors I think are great but maybe aren't as well known to some readers. Buy links embedded in photos. Lani Lynn Vale Lani.... what to say about her. She is in my top 5 authors and her books never disappoint me. I... Continue Reading →

Get Bucked

Blurb: Darby has always been ‘that’ guy. The guy that no man, woman, or child wants around their loved one. See, a long time ago he made some bad decisions. Those bad decisions have haunted him ever since. No matter what he does, people still see him as the town’s screw up. The boy that... Continue Reading →

Top 5 – Multi-Author Books 

Hey ya'll. Mutli-author books..... some love them. Some don't. Here are my top 5 mulit-author books/series. Buy links embedded in photos. Pretty Little Dolls Series - K. Webster and Ker Dukey I See You - Ker Dukey and D.H. Sidebottom Prisoner - Annika Martin and Skye Warren White Collar Brothers - Piper Rayne (Piper Rayne... Continue Reading →

Free Books on Amazon (4/18/20)

Happy Saturday! It has been a wild few weeks. I did not do a free book blog for the last 2  weeks. But here we go. Let's find a few new books to read while on lock down. Buy links embedded in photos. Contemporary Romance Historical Romance Mystery & Suspense Romance New Adult & College... Continue Reading →

Southern Storms

Blurb: All I wanted to do was run away, I never expected to crash into his arms... After leaving the city life behind to escape my loveless marriage, I moved to small town Havenbarrow for a fresh start. What I didn’t expect was to find myself drawn to the town’s black sheep. They called him... Continue Reading →

Ask Me If I Care

Blurb: My Review: 4 stars Ares is struggling. With love. With life. Hayes, he just wants to be left alone. But he keeps getting put in situations he can't control. and Ares always seems to be around when it happens. Hayes and Ares find themselves together more often than not. Both of them are trying... Continue Reading →

Stealing Cinderella

Blurb: Every royal has their dirty little secret. His was… me. It should have been simple. Go to the ball, meet the prince, and secure his patronage for my favorite charity. But beneath the mask, the brooding beast of a man was not at all who I expected. He was dark and intense and eerily... Continue Reading →

March Book Wrap-Up

What a month March was!!! I read 16 books in March. Average rating: 3.68 stars Buy links embedded in photos. 5 stars My Review:  This is a dark story. You have been warned. Koyn…. I wanted to hate him. I really did. He was a mean man. A dangerous man. But he hadn’t always been... Continue Reading →

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