Stealing Cinderella


Every royal has their dirty little secret. His was… me.

It should have been simple.

Go to the ball, meet the prince, and secure his patronage for my favorite charity.

But beneath the mask, the brooding beast of a man was not at all who I expected.

He was dark and intense and eerily quiet.

When I left, I could still feel the ghost of his touch branded into my skin.

He haunted my dreams, but I never expected to see him again.

Then he came for me.

And he took me.

And I learned that his darkness was a void I never could have conceived.

He’s the crown prince of Norway.

And, now, I’m his captive.

My Review: 3 stars 

This review is kind of difficult. And here is why…

Ella is like Cinderella. Living with her stepmom and stepsisters after he fathers death (which she blames herself for). She has to do all the work in the house and her only get away is the animal sanctuary she visits.

When given the opportunity to attend a royal ball, she takes it. This could be the chance to get money for the sanctuary.

Thorsen (Thor) is next in line to be king of Norway. But Thor has issues. After some childhood trauma, he is not the most stable person. When forced to go to the royal ball, he never realized that he would run into Ella, a woman who was different and a woman he wanted.

But Thor did not get her the right way. He stole her. Kidnapped her. But he gave her a choice. She choose to stay for 2 months. But would it be worth it.

1st half of the book….. 2 stars

I HATED Thor!! I know he has issues but damn…. I really hated him.

Ella got on my nerves some but I liked her way more than Thor.

I found myself zoning out in this half of the book.

2nd half of the book….. 4 stars

I liked this half much better. I was able to connect more with the characters. The story kept my attention.

That is why I gave it 3 stars. It wasn’t a terrible book but it wasn’t a great book.

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About the Author:

A. Zavarelli is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author of dark and contemporary romance.

When shes not putting her characters through hell, she can usually be found watching bizarre and twisted documentaries in the name of research.

She currently lives in the Northwest with her lumberjack and an entire brood of fur babies.

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