Free Books on Amazon (4/18/20)

Happy Saturday!

It has been a wild few weeks.
I did not do a free book blog for the last 2  weeks.
But here we go. Let’s find a few new books to read while on lock down.

Buy links embedded in photos.

Contemporary Romance

Historical Romance

Mystery & Suspense Romance

New Adult & College Romance

Science Fiction Romance

Western Romance

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I do receive a very small commission on qualifying purchases from the Amazon links.

7 thoughts on “Free Books on Amazon (4/18/20)

Add yours

  1. I’m sorry to pester you, but I’m hoping you know how to fix this. Ever since I signed up for your emails, they all come looking like this–please see below… Shouldn’t the links come with pictures or words so the reader knows what they are clicking on?? The “links” below do work, but it is very difficult to keep track of what you have or haven’t clicked on.

    After receiving 3 or 4 of your emails, I was just going to unsubscribe. But when I received this one, I figured I’d reply and see if you can help me so I don’t have to unsubscribe. Thank you for any help you can give.



  2. Noooo what are you doing to me?! haha! I recently added 64 new e-books to my Kindle thanks to Amazon. I see some are being mentioned by you as well. But there’s A LOT that you show here that look so interesting and I don’t own yet. But I really need to put a stop to the book hauling haha.


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