April Book Wrap-Up

What a month April was.

Being on lockdown.

Trying to teach from home.

Trying to keep up with a 5 year old.

Having a husband who is an essential employ.

Trying to read and do puzzles.

This month I read 16 books. I will have to say 10 of them were novellas. But I am okay with that. Sometimes I just need a short, sexy read.

Good reads goal: 52/100 books

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4 stars

My Review: Ares is struggling. With love. With life.

Hayes, he just wants to be left alone. But he keeps getting out in situations he can’t control. and Ares always seems to be around when it happens.

Hayes and Ares find themselves together more often than not.

Both of them are trying to protect their hearts, but it is not working.

I don’t want to give too much of this book away…. but high school bullying is a big part of it.

(As a teacher, I see bullying in the schools. At my school we try to stop it when we see it, but we can’t see everything.)

You have some baby drama, some bad people, a kidnapping (kind of), and of course some action.


I immediately liked Hayes. I like how he wanted the real Ares, curly hair and all.

And Ares, going out of her way to help Hayes even after he was an ass… I loved that.

There are some really funny scenes in this book.

I do like how there were a few other view points for a chapter or two.

I am really liking this series. I love how I know I am going to get an HEA in the end. I just never know how I am going to get there.

My Review:  Darby and Waylynn…I enjoyed their story.

It was a sweet enemies to lovers’ book.

Waylynn and Darby not only know each other from growing up in the rodeo together, but from college. And let’s just say, they were not friends.

Life push them together thought and at just the perfect time. Darby needed Waylynn and Waylynn needed Darby, even if they did not realize it at the moment.

But will they each be able to get past their own family issues? Can they help each other mind fences?

One thing I am loving about this series is the family aspect. How they are always there for each other not matter what. Even when they fight, they are still there for each other.

I feel that Waylynn was the extra strengthen Darby needed while he was fighting with this family. I think they complimented each other very well.

Overall it was a good read. It was sweet. The sex scenes were good. I always enjoy seeing old characters from other books.

I am going to miss the Valentine brothers.

My Review:  Jax and Kennedy. Sun and Moon. Brightness and darkness.

Jax and Kennedy meet at summer camp when they are young. After spending two summers together, they become best friends. Inseparable. But one day, Jax stops writing. And everything changes.

Year later, Jax and Kennedy run into each other again. But they are now completely different people.

Jax is now a man. But a sad, mean, scary man. The town asshole. Jax has been though a lot since camp was over. He did something terrible. Something he has trouble living with.

Kennedy is leaving a broken marriage. A marriage that was never strong but became worse after her daughter died.

As the book goes you go back in time to camp to different moments that connected Jax and Kennedy.

Then you get the PLOT TWIST!!!!!! Never saw that coming!!

Can Jax and Kennedy help each other fight their demons? Can they help each other heal?

This book give reminds me of The Notebook in some ways. It defiantly has its own story, just some resemblance.

Jax and Kennedy show you that you can live though tragedy. That you can survive. Is it easy? No. Can it be done? Yes.

Everyone handles tragedies different. Some shut down. Some get mean. Some have anxiety. Everyone is different.

My only compliant is that I would have liked to have a little more interaction between Kennedy and her ex-husband.

My Review: 

Jack and Rena….
Rena’s brother is supposed to come talk to her class about fire safety. When he has to bail last minute he sends his coworker Jack.
Jack is instantly drawn to Rena.
But she has a rule, never date someone her brother works with.
But of course, that doesn’t last.
This short even includes someone going to jail.

It was a cute story.


My Review: 


Alyssa and Braxton
They have known each other for years but when she bets on him at a charity auction, it goes to the next level.
A short, sweet read.

My Review:  This was just the book I needed.
Not too heavy.
It had laughter and a good story line.

Natasha is a journalist. She is sent to go undercover to find dirt on Bruce Chamberson.
But it doesn’t go as planned.

It all started when she ate his banana. His banana that was in the staff lounge at his office.
From then on, he was out to make her life a living hell.

The problem was…… he was starting to like her. He liked her spunk. Her attitude. But he did not know her secret.

What would happen when he found out who she really was?

This book was really cute. Natasha and Bruce are the definition of opposites attract. I liked their banter, their chemistry. This book worked for me.

I’m ready to read the next book in this series.

My Review:  Hailey is a baker. Her specialty is cherry pie. She is shy and keeps to herself. When she makes a bet with a co-worker to hit on the next hot man in her bakery, she could have never imagined that she would hit on William Chamberson.

William is a character. He loves to “borrow” things and never give them back.
He has all the money in the world but taking things is something he enjoys.

William never keeps a girl very long but there his something about Hailey. Something that make him want to keep her.

But Williams parents have a different option on that. They want him to marry who they want.

What happens when Williams parents put their nose in his business?
Will they convence him to make a bad decision?

This book was funny and cute. I enjoyed the humor in this book and I loved the connection that William and Hailey had.

So far… I am enjoying this series.

3 stars

My Review:  This review is kind of difficult. And here is why…

Ella is like Cinderella. Living with her stepmom and stepsisters after he fathers death (which she blames herself for). She has to do all the work in the house and her only get away is the animal sanctuary she visits.

When given the opportunity to attend a royal ball, she takes it. This could be the chance to get money for the sanctuary.

Thorsen (Thor) is next in line to be king of Norway. But Thor has issues. After some childhood trauma, he is not the most stable person. When forced to go to the royal ball, he never realized that he would run into Ella, a woman who was different and a woman he wanted.

But Thor did not get her the right way. He stole her. Kidnapped her. But he gave her a choice. She choose to stay for 2 months. But would it be worth it.

1st half of the book….. 2 stars

I HATED Thor!! I know he has issues but damn…. I really hated him.

Ella got on my nerves some but I liked her way more than Thor.

I found myself zoning out in this half of the book.

2nd half of the book….. 4 stars

I liked this half much better. I was able to connect more with the characters. The story kept my attention.

That is why I gave it 3 stars. It wasn’t a terrible book but it wasn’t a great book.

My Review: 

Dameon and Lexi have a cute quick story.
Nothing to exciting.
Dameon works with Lexi’s brother and it’s pretty much love at first site.
Problem is that Lexi’s brother doesn’t want any of this co-workers to touch his sister.
Dameon has other things in mind though.

My Review: 

Bailey and Felix
Very short and fast.
I like how Felix is described but not my favorite book of these shirt reads.

My Review: 

Tori and Dawson meet when he goes to get a new dog.
It was love at first bark.
It was a cute story.

My Review: 

Nash and Maddie meet at the park. They come to find out later that Nash is friends with Maddie’s brother.
But the rule is she can’t date her brothers friends.
Yep…. that rule was broken quickly.

My Review: 


Colt and Sonya meet at a rodeo when Sonya sneaks in with a friend.
Hot cowboy….. yes please!!
A cute, insta-love

My Review: 


Carter and April connect when they share a cabin for the weekend.
Two single people in a cabin….. yep…. insta-life.
But a bad story.

My Review: 


Hudson and Jillian bump into each other at a rodeo.
Love at first sight and a sweet story.

My Review: 

Austin and Liz met when her sister entered her into a raffle to win a date with Austin.
Insta-love and cinnamon rolls.
A sweet read.

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  1. I enjoyed Southern Storms. I am not familiar with the other books you have listed. You had a good reading month.


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