May Book Wrap-Up

May…….What a month!

I read 12 books in May.

My average rating was 3.75 stars.

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5 stars

My Review:

I was not expecting this book to be what it was.

Ughhhhh…… what a good read.

This book has 3 POV’s (technically 4 but Molly only has one chapter)

Spencer: A ghostwriter who is still trying to work past the murder of her parents.

Jonah: The killer

Blake: The new detective in town.

Molly has taken on a new project, ghostwriting a murder mystery. The pay is good and she can keep herself hidden.
When her uncle lets her tag along with a new detective on a murder, Blake, Spencer can’t wait to get ideas for the book.

Blake instantly has the need to want to protect Spencer. Why? He has no idea.

But then things start to get weird. There are more murders. All with the same MO (what someone does over and over). And then Spencer starts to connect some dots.

Is she ghost writing for the killer?
Why her?

Unlike most murder mystery books, we know who the killer is in this book. The issue is…..why is he killing? And how is he connected to Spencer? And when will they come face to face?

I was not prepared for that ending. Can you say PLOT TWIST!!!!!!
There is no way I would have ever guessed that *$%&*##$% was $#%^%#. (I’m not going to spoil it)

Once I got about 20% into the book, I did not want to put it down.

J.L. Drake did an awesome job on this book.

My Review:

The Hunter. This Prey.

What a story.

As soon as you start reading this book, you start seeing connections with All Saints High Series, Sinners of Saint Series, and Sparrow. And I LOVED IT!!!

Hunter is a billionaire playboy who has issues with this parents, like o drink and party too much and doesn’t know when enough is enough.

But when one wild night lands him in trouble, this father gives him an ultimatum: Straighten up and follow the rules for 6 months or lose everything, including his inheritance.

Six months, he could do it. Right?

“Just think of me, like, as Bambi: cute AF but super stupid and in total need of supervision.”


Not when we was going to be stuck with a babysitter, who just happened to be Sailor Brennan. (Parents are from Sparrow)

Sailor Brennan. Good girl. Archer. Trying to get into the olympics.

The last thing she wants is babysit and live with Hunter for 6 months, but…. this could help her career. Help for get the publicity she needs to make the olympic team.

But is it worth it?

Hunter and Sailor are oil and water. But sometimes, oil and water mix.

Hunter and Sailor help each other grow and learn. They teach each other new things about themselves.

But can they follow the rules?

“He is not going to be here to kiss it better when he dumps you after the deal is over.”

What happens when a threat against the family comes up and no-one believes Hunter?

What happens when it looks like Hunter messed up again?

Will everything work out or will it be too late?

I really enjoyed this read.

The give and take between Hunter and Sailor was just right.

The passion. The hate. The love.

I loved it all.

I can not wait to see where this series goes and who is next.

4 stars

My Review:

I am all about a second chance romance and that is what I got with Calloway and Louis.

Louis and Calloway went through a bad brake-up. He left her for the military. He wanted her to live her own life and not worry about him.

Calloway was devastated. But she was determined to live her life as best she could. Calloway never saw herself as someone beautiful. She was just there.

Calloway also has a blood disorder and has to have transfusions. But she trys to not let that hold her back.

“I wasn’t fat, but I wasn’t skinny. I wasn’t pretty, but I wasn’t ugly. I wasn’t anything. I just was.”

Calloway has a blog where she shines lights on our service men and women.

Fate puts Louis and Calloway together for a car ride. But they have some issues along the way and end up spending the night on the rode.

This night will change everything.

Overall: I enjoyed the story. I think Calloway and Louis have a solid story. I love that they had a past together, from a young age, and that they knew each other in a way that no one else did.

This story gave me tears, laughter, and all the feels.

My Review:

This was such a fun read.

Lilith caught my interest in the last book and I am glad she got her own story.

Lilith is not your average girl. She goes against the grain. She doesn’t try to get attention. But why? Why is she like this?

Liam had no idea what he was getting into when him and his neighbor mixed up packages at the apartment’s mailbox.

But he did not expect Lilith. What he also did not expect was to find something about Lilith that he could not stop thinking about.

But Liam has secrets. Secrets that could tear apart what him and Lilith are starting to build.

What will happen when those secrets come to life?

This was a fun read. I really like Lilith character. She did not care what others though (I think she did a little but tried to hide it) and she was really funny.

I think this was a really good book.

My Review:

This was another cute read but not my favorite of the series.

Violet is a book promoter and she need a big author to hire here so she can pay her bills. And the one person she wants is Peter Barnidge. If she cold get him to hire her, she would be set.

Problem? He’s a jerk. He dismissed her. But when some strings are pulled, Peter hires her, thinking she will quit if he makes her life hard.

But not Violet. She is hardheaded and will do whatever it takes to make her daughters life better.

When Peter starts to change his mind about Violet, sees she is more than he thought, but she has a secret.

How will Peter feel when he learns her secret?

This book was a good book. I liked the characters but it just wasn’t the best.

One more book in the series and I can’t wait to see what happens there.

My Review:

Phoenix has always wanted to be a star. She has the voice to be one, but she just needs someone to help her along the way.

When Griffin Throne, a former music producer and friend of her brother Denver, moves to town, Phoenix knows she needs to get him to help her. But how?

Well…with the help of Grandma D, Phoenix becomes his nanny. Has she ever been a nanny? Nope. But how hard could it be.

The nanny part is not the hard part. The hard part is Griffin. Not becoming attached to him. Not wanting more with him.

Griffin Throne moved to Alaska to get away. To start a new life with his son. But when Phoenix pops into his life, he had no idea what to expect.

She is younger and outgoing but there is something about her that he likes. Something he really likes.

But what happens when he learns her secret? Will he understand or will he overreact? (I’m going with the overreact)

I enjoyed Griffin and Phoenix’s story. I felt their chemistry was real and not forced. I got sucked into their story and really enjoyed how they got to their HEA.

My Review:

*Trigger Warning*

This book is a modern take on Mulan. But darker.

Lia always new growing up that she would be married off and spend her life as a wife and mother. But that is not what Lia wanted. She wanted to be a warrior. To fight like her father use to. Living in America has been a blessing to her family, but they are indebted to the Yi Shu. The Yi Shu is one of two Chinese families that runs California.

When the Yi Shu comes under attack, they call out the eldest male from each family to come fight for them. Lia knows her father is to old to fight. He would be killed easily. She decides she has to take his place. Cutting her hair and running to the Yi Shu, she lies about being a man to be able to take her father’s place. (Mulan resemblance)

Jaxon has lived his life serving the Yi Shu. After his father left him with the Yi Shu to protect him, he has known no different. When tasked to train the new fighter, something about Zhan does not sit right with him.

As training goes, Jaxon and Zhan start to connect, and Jaxon starts getting confused. Why is this man making his have these feelings? (Lia is Zhan)

When the truth comes out, everything changes. But when the enemy learns that Lia is the one who killed one of their generals, he is out for revenge. (This is where the trigger warning comes into play).

Will Jaxon be able to save Lia before the enemy destroys her or will she be to broken to fix?

Overall this was a good retelling. I stayed interested in the story. I liked the characters. There was enough action and passion. Overall, a good read.

My Review:

If you read His Banana, this is the son of the two main people from that book.

Rey is struggling to get through school, work, and help provide for her little sister. Her sister is gifted and keeps getting opportunities to go on trips and such but Rey doesn’t have the money to help her go.
She knows that if she can get this internship she wants, that she will be able to afford to help her sister. How does she get that internship? By writing a psychology paper about an abnormal person. Problem is…. she has no idea who to write about.

That is until Miles Chamberson walks into her life.

Miles is in school to get his business degree but he doesn’t want to use it like his father wants him too. Miles wants to cook. He loves cooking. But when he is fired from his job, his father tells him that before he can have a job there, he has to commit to something. But what?

Miles decides that Rey is that something. He can prove to his father that he is committed if he can keep Rey around.

Miles and Rey are both using each other but for different reasons.
But what happens when the truth comes out?
Who will tell the truth first?

This was a fun story. Rey and Miles did not know what they were getting into when they started this journey. But neither of them thought feelings would get involved.

We got to see old characters from other books in this series. William, Bruce, Granny.

3 stars

My Review:

I wanted to like this book, but I just could not get into it.
I could not connect with Ella or Dominico.
Ella ran away from home to escape her father.
But when she is kidnapped, everything changes.
I enjoyed the storyline and these are stories I usually like to read. I just could not connect with this one.
This book has a lot of lies, deception, blood, love, and a lot more.
I’m not saying this is a bad book, because it is not.
Just not one I enjoyed.

My Review:

This is the 3rd book of this series and it wasn’t my favorite.

Emily is an artist. She has gotten accepted to art school in Paris and is just waiting to leave. To make some money before she goes, she teaches painting classes at the local nursing home (where Granny lives). Because of this she knows William Chamberson (from the second book). Because of this connection, she meets Ryan.

Ryan is now in charge of the Bubbly Baker. William is his business partner. William has Ryan plan his Halloween party and Emily is hired to to the art for the posters for the party. Ryan is drawn to her. Something is familiar about her. And William is determined to get them together. His ways of doing this aren’t the best.

Why does Emily look familiar? Will Ryan realize who she is?

This books wasn’t bad but I just could not connect with the characters. I kept getting sidetracked while reading and it was like the book couldn’t hold me attention.

I will continue to read the series though.

My Review:

Nell and Harry have a fun story. Full of puns (my favorite), full of laughs, full of excitement.
Nell is working for a landscape company trimming hedges and has no idea what she is doing.
When her hedge turns out looking like a male body part, she gets some attention. Actually, she gets a lot of attention. Like a famous art museum wants the hedge in their showroom.

Harry has no idea what this lady has done to his hedge, but he likes it. Well, he likes her. Her spunk. Her attitude. But he as been burned in the past and doesn’t know if going after her is the right idea.

Throw in Willam from a past book (he’s always a hoot), some jealously, and some puns, and you have a pretty good book.

The story line is pretty fast, maybe 2 weeks top, but that is okay. The story flowed very well. I liked the characters and the story kept my intrest.

2 stars

My Review:

I have enjoyed the last few books of the Sinister Fairy Tales Collection……this one…not so much.
This book is different than most books I read.

You have alphas, omegas, betas.
You have betrayal and secrets.
You have action and violence.
You have sex.

But….nothing held my attention.

This book just was not for me. It might be fo you, but not me. I just could not stay focused reading it. There were many times I wanted to DNF, but I always keep going.

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  1. You had a great reading month and you had some awesome books. Hope this month will be equally good or better.


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