Author Spotlight: Piper Rayne

The authors known as Piper Rayne were awesome and agreed to so an interview for me. Here are their answers to my questions! Piper is in Green /Rayne is in Purple Random Questions: What is your favorite restaurant? The Keg (a steakhouse here in Canada) / A small Mexican independently owned where I live. Where... Continue Reading →

Author Spotlight: S. Moose

I want to think S. Moose for agreeing to do this author interview for me. S. Moose is such a sweet lady and her writing is FABULOUS!!! You don't want to miss her books. They will make you laugh and cry. Your emotions will be all over the place.       Random Questions: If... Continue Reading →

Author Spotlight: K. Webster

The AMAZING K. Webster agreed to do an interview for me. Here are the questions and her answers. K. Webster is one of my favorite authors. I randomly stumbled upon one of her books, Pretty Stolen Dolls, and liked the blurb so I bought it. It took me a few months to actually read the... Continue Reading →

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