Friday 5: Books/Series I Would Re-Read Forever

If I had to choose 5 books/series that I could re-read forever.......the following would be them. This was a VERY hard choice!! Buy links embedded in photos The Steel Brothers Saga - Helen Hardt  3 Brothers - Talon, Jonah, and Ryan. Each brother gets 3 stories. The series starts with Talon. Talon was kidnapped as... Continue Reading →

Pretty Little Dolls Series 

These books are for a reader over 18. These books contain situations that might be triggers for some people. These are dark reads, very dark, and they are not for everyone. (But I LOVED them!!) Blurbs Pretty Stolen Dolls: Benny loves his pretty little dolls. As long as they do exactly as they're told. He keeps... Continue Reading →

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