Hide Your Crazy

Blurb: I'm kind of a lady, but definitely more of a weirdo. Hearing the woman at the table behind him say that to her friend should've turned Logan Gibbs off. It doesn't. In all honesty, it only makes him listen harder. He's had enough weird in his life to last a lifetime. The last thing... Continue Reading →

Pretty Reckless

Blurb: Penn They say revenge is a dish best served cold. I’d had four years to stew on what Daria Followhill did to me, and now my heart was completely iced. I took her first kiss. She took the only thing I loved. I was poor. She was rich. The good thing about circumstances? They... Continue Reading →

Free Books on Amazon (6/4/19)

HAPPY SUMMER BREAK!!!  Or at least it is for me now. I haven't had a free book blog in a while. The end of the school year was crazy and I barley had time to think. So I made this one extra awesome..... a few more books that usual. Why not start summer with some... Continue Reading →

May Book Wrap-Up

Hey ya'll! May was a slow month for me. With it being the last month of school, I was crazy busy. I only read 9 books in May. I plan to kick butt in reading this summer!!! Below are my May books and my review for each book! Buy links embedded in photos. 5 stars... Continue Reading →


Blurb: I’m hungry. My greed is insatiable. I’m a slave to the need. The drive for more. For everything. Once I decide I want something, the greed for it consumes me. I want answers. I want justice. I want vengeance. I want HER. My best friend and his sister—the girl I vowed could trust in... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 Game of Thrones Characters

***SPOILERS BELOW*** You have been warned!! Game of Thrones!!! What a wild ride this show took us on. I was very hesitant at first to watch the show. Mid-evil, dragons, some magic, it wasn't what I normally watched. But by the end of the 1st episode, I was hooked. We binged watched the first 4... Continue Reading →


Blurb: I don’t give a fuck. Not about money or fame, beauty or power. I’ve had all those things since birth, and trust me, they’re a fucking snooze. I don’t give a fuck about anyone, not even myself. Until my father proves evil can exist in the most holy of places. For the first time... Continue Reading →

F- Bomb

Blurb: You murder a man, and all of a sudden people are scared of you. Slate Solis went from being a guy that people went to in times of need to an ex-con that people crossed the street to avoid being too close to. He knows he’s done wrong, but out of all of his... Continue Reading →

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